Thursday, October 15, 2009

10/15/09 (I Cant Think Of Any Clever Titles At The Moment..Sorry)

It feels like Im lying but I promise to start updating more regularly=]
Schools been going really well so far. The teachers are great, the kids are hilarious and the hw is drain, everythings going right. I'm passing all my classes except maybe, Physics. My teacher has the craziest accent and he likes to take to himself so the class is entertaining but you leave at the end of the period trying to figure out what you were supposed to learn in those late 50 minutes. Its alright though, I'm gonna start going to tutoring after school next week. I ran for Student Union and won! Woot! Its been rumored that Ive got Presidency of the Student Union but Im not sure how reliable my source is. All I know is that there are four seats and I got one of them. For now, thats all I need to know. Im taking Intro to Latin and I LOVE my latin teacher...he is too awesome. He actually makes me want to continue latin as a language course but I believe I'm going to switch to either Spanish or Chinese. Im not sure yet. I will be taking intro to both of those and afterwards I'll decide which language I want to continue taking for the next two years. Yeah, thats really all I have so far. Ive got an essay to write on The Scarlet Letter (thank you Mr.Kleiman for having already introduced me to Puritan times. Made this book alot easier) Yeah, Im gonna go get started on that essay. I'll post it up here when I finish. Update you guys a little later..(a little later as in tomorrow=] lol )

Signing off and out'^.^'


goldiemary said...

Sabrina, I miss your bloggs. Mary Pree

Mettananda said...

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