Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Comes In Like A Thief In The Night? DEATH!

You know what Im into?? Im really big on songs with meaning especially ones where the meaning of the song is kind of hidden so you have to listen to it over and over to get what its about. Well I just listened to this song called "The Thief In The Night" and its a pretty real song. It makes you think, it makes you wonder. Guess what it makes you think about? Death. Sounds like a sweet song doesnt it? Its not really about death and like hell and stuff, its not a heavy metal song neither. It kinda sounds like a song Tupac would be into for real. If you read the lyrics (click hear) and/or listen to the song (click hear) when you get around to the 3rd verse, if youre really listening the song starts to hit you hard. I finished listening to it and just started thinking, wow no one really appreciates life like they should. In the song Aceyalone says that theres three stages in life, die dying and dead. I agree with that beyond mere agreement, Were young and we know we're all gonna die, we get older and we start to realize that we're dying and then before we know it, dead. Thats it. So easy, so quickly. You wait for it but it comes so fast you dont even see it and then there, dead. Like a thief in the night. What a way to use that sentence huh? Death comes like a thief in the night. Doesnt make much sense til you really think about it. Many people are afraid of death but what are they really afraid of, death or what happens after death? What happens after death? Way too many answers to that question for me to get into, it really depends on your religion, spirtual state and moral status. So far, the way Ive been brought up into christianity I believe that everybody goes somewhere when they die and that somewhere is based on what you were doing while you were alive. Heaven or hell. Now, that doesnt mean live your life in a box and give everything you have away so you can say "Oh, Ive been a good person so Im going to heaven". Im not gonna start preaching or anything but if you make a positive difference in the world, again not saying you have to find the cure to cancer but if you can do just a little something thatll change one or more persons life for the better you'll definetly go where you deserve. Im gonna end this post now because its getting kinda long and short and sweet is usually what I try to go for so...yeah, Im ending this post but not this topic. Follow up post coming soon so check back in...soon~

"Overly Anxious Can't Just Wait
To See When Death Is Gonna Pull You to Your Fate
It's Inevitable There's no Escape
There's no Mistake
Every Time a Life Is Given It's Another One You Have to Take
Then Your Electricity and And Your Energy's Released
Born Into Another Soul After Your Physical's Deceased
May You Forever Rest in Peace
Although Your Current Is Concurrent There Is no Deturrent
You Will Cease to Be no More
The War Has Been Won
The Warrior Is Rested and Your Duty Here Is Done
Just When You Think You're Having Fun
It'll Snatch You Up and Run
For a Second You Appreciate the Sun
For a Half a Second You Appreciate the Stars
For a Half a Second You Reflect On Who You Are
And What You Where
And in a Flash It's All a Blur"
-Aceyalone from "The Thief In The Night"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My friends think Im concieted but Im really not. Im just fully aware of how great I am. Like, seriously, Im awesome and I dont just mean my looks. Yeah, Im cute but I have so much more to offer. Well, I love my cuteness because people see how you look before they see what you have to offer so maybe I do rely on my looks a bit. I just might be a tad vain but today that all changed. I woke up this morning like I do every other day at 5 o' clock. Before I go to bed I always put the T.V. on Disney Channel so I can watch Lilo and Stich when I wake up. The radio was on too playing Trading Places by Usher, such a hot song. I was sitting in bed trying to decide if I should turn up the Lilo and Stich theme song or Trading Places. I decided to do neither and turned them both off. Then I got up and turned on the light. I felt like taking a bubble bath in the dark (dont ask why) so I left the bathroom light off and set the tub faucets, the hot water running a little harder than the cold. I took of my Pokemon PJs and I saw the strangest reflection of my back in the mirror before the bathroom. I seemed to have grown wings overnight...only God could tell you what I did next. Well, I could tell you too but I dont want to. Maybe next time..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Change Is Here (YES, WE DID!)

(~Obama made this quote his own~)Change used to be just a word said to take up some space in someones speech. Change used to be just a word that was said to show that someone had a "plan". Change used to be something that we thought would come but "knew" would never happen. Well you know what, change has come. Tell me? Our last 43 presidents had something in common didn't they? You know what it was? NONE OF THEM WERE BLACK. NONE OF THEM WERE EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO BEING BLACK. Obama, our 44th president is. I dont care if they wanna say he's bi-racial, half white, half black, half cockerspaniel. HE IS A BLACK MAN no matter which was you wanna turn it and divide it and try to add all these physcological reasons why he cant be noted as "full black". Whatever. Before he won the election, he was sooo black but now after he won they wanna say "Americas first half black president" No. Just simply, Americas first black president. Not only has Obama brought change, he is change and thank God for him. If McCain would have been elected into office we might as well have just given Bush a 3rd term. When you really cut down the excess McCain and Bush are the same person with the same crappy plan to "save the country" I wanna know how the hell youre gonna save the country when you wana go to war with everyother country. Just line us all up against the wall and kill us execution style. Less money and less work. Arg...ANYWAY, if you couldnt tell Im REALLY GLAD Obama won. I might not have experienced what all the other presidents made the country like but Ive read enough books to come to the conclusion that the change we have now is gonna blow them all away and give us Americans something to be proud of. Land of the free and home of the brave, whos really proud to be an American now?

You Cant Say Oops After Getting Pregnant~

No one is “pro-abortion,” but people do consider themselves either pro-choice or pro-life. One side believes that when a woman becomes pregnant, it’s her right to decide if having an abortion is an option for her. The other side believes the action is clear, she should give birth to a child. No matter which side you stand on, the discovery of an unplanned pregnancy is a life-altering event. When two of my older cousins best friends became pregnant at the same time, their decisions changed their lives forever. (I did not recieve all the information I'm gonna tell you now from eavesdropping. Faith and Mia are acutally my friends too and they didnt mind me sharing this information with you now, so...yeah. Continue reading.)
Faith was on birth control when she discovered that she was pregnant. Although she had been dating her boyfriend for close to two years, being only 19 years-old, she wasn’t sure she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, let alone have a child with him. “I just started college, I’m just starting my life,” she sobbed over the phone to me, well to my cousin “I can’t even afford my phone bills each month, how am I supposed to afford a child?” Faith came to the conclusion that having a child at this stage in her life wasn’t right for her. A year later her relationship fizzled, and she moved out-of-state to attend grad school. While none of us ever speak of the abortion, Faith has since expressed joy about the freedom her life allows her, being able to create something of herself before she creates new life.
Mia and Seth had been dating for close to five years when, just two weeks shy of her24th birthday, Mia found out she was pregnant. “I know that I want him to be the father of my child,” she confided in me, again, to my cousin really “but I don’t know that we’re ready for children. We’re still so young!” Although Mia was scared to tell Seth that she was pregnant, to her surprise he wasn’t upset. Both of them agreed that raising a child at their age, and on their limited income, would be a challenge, but that it was one they were ultimately excited about. They’re currently struggling to make ends meet, but both have expressed that they couldn’t be happier. Next month is their son’s second birthday.
Neither one of these girls (woman, ladies) regret their decision. Both feel that their choice has helped shape their life for the better. It’s a choice that three million women make each year, resulting in different decisions. While it’s not for me to say who’s right or who’s wrong, I’m just gonna say that I believe everyone should have a right in what they do BUT again if you dont want to have children, you know what you have to do to prevent that. Its like if you dont want something warmed dont put it in the microwave. Its just that simple. People these days are really acting like they have no common sense whatsoever and the result of their not-so-smart decisions are affecting everyone. C'mon people, think before you do. Watch what you say, be careful what you wish for and you only reep what you sow. (YES, I did just put a whole bunch of sayings together but they all make sense and everyone should at least try to listen to them)
That was a very random and out of no where post but its interesting isnt it?