Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A recent report published in The New York Times says, “Anonymous surveys among college students suggest that 17 percent of them have self-injured, and experts estimate that self-injury is practiced by 15 percent of the general adolescent population.” In fact, every news organization is ringing the alarm about the “trend” of cutting. But it seems that no one is getting to the core of this issue. To me, the story is not so much that so many of us are cutting; the question in my mind is why are we cutting?
In 6th grade there was an issue of me being involved with the whole cutting scene and at first in didnt seem like any big thing to me. If you did it, you did it. Self mutilation? I dont get it. One cut...not that big of a deal. Well it was. (I know Im not being really clear on if I did it or not and Im doing that on purpose. Being so vague about it might bring you to the conclusion that I did do it but if I dont say it straight out how much truth is there in that huh?) I’ve read a variety of forums on this issue and as far as I can see, everyone admits that cutting is painful; so why are so many people still doing it? (Ritorical question. I know why)
"Skin is a bulletin board," said Linda Lebelle, director of Focus Adolescent Services. "They're saying, 'Can you see how much pain I'm in?’” Sure that sounds good in a clinical sense, but depression has been on the rise since the 80s and cutting has only seen a growth in popularity in the last few years. Funny thing is, alot of people that cut arent even depressed. Doesnt make much sense does it? Well, it does to them. At that point is not called cutting, its scarring. Ill write another post on this. In the very very near future.
Some teens cite the thrill or high that comes from the experience as their impetus. "Cutting releases anger and frustration," wrote 17-year-old Abby. "By cutting, it lets it out-- bleeds it out. It is the most exciting, dangerous feeling I have ever felt." Another anonymous teen concurred, telling Women’s E News, “It started out as a weird thrill.. I admit that I was strangely addicted to the feeling of dragging the razor across my skin. I liked the way my hair would stand on end as I watched the blood trickle from every cut I made." The more I looked, the more “thrill,” “high,” “control” and “trend” started appearing in the cutting conversation. Now, I’m no statistician by any stretch of the imagination, but when the majority of unmoderated sites are mentioning the same three or four major reasons for one act, I’ve got to figure that’s probably closer to the root of the problem than the hypothesis given by “health professionals.”
Cutting is not like piercing or tattooing, which are both forms of artistic expression. Cutting is a destructive mean of expression that could lead to serious injury and should not be taken lightly. An appropriate analogy might very well be jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. Sure, it seems exciting at the time—especially when everyone else is doing it—but then it has that whole lasting effect of your ending up dead, which is not quite as cool. In most respects, I think we could all agree that there are more effective ways to gain control over our lives and more acceptable ways of finding a thrill. Alot of people who cut dont even realize how serious it is until its too late and theyre being driven in an ambulance to the hostpital. If you know anyone that cuts, please talk to them. I dont mean just say, "Oh cutting is bad. Now I mean seriously talk to them. Do research, print out articles, just be there for them. I know I might be thought of as strange for saying this but dont tell a school counselour. It wont help. Just talk to them and be a friend. In the end, if that isnt enough tell a trusted adult. Not a counselour. They cant be trusted. Why is this? Because they have an obligation to tell parents and though this might not seem like a problem, it is. If the cutter is rushed into being "fixed" by parents and counselour it could run them into an even worse state of depression and they could end up being drugged up and put into a mental instution when all they really needed was a good friend. My main point, be a good friend and just listen

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Save The Animals (Part Two)

Many vegetarians are vegetarian because they dont believe in eating animals that have been killed. Alot of vegetarians became non meat eaters because they found out how many of the meat products that were alive animals before were treated horribly in the factory. The animals were mass produced by being fed hormones to make them give birth and grow faster and thicker. Now the point Im getting at is there are factories call puppy mills that do basically the same thing. They breed a whole bunch of animals only to treat them terribly and then sell them to big name pet stores (PetLand Discounts) who probably dont give a crap about the animals either. Well if they dont care about the animals why should we care about their business going under. Stop buying from pet stores that get their animals from puppymills. Vist your local animal shelter and adopt a pet. Youll be saving a life.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My drug P.S.A

A video made by me about drug abuse using this awesome website called Xtranormal. Hope you likez it~ (Making it was fun...)


What is love? My definition of loving someone is knowing that theyre the one who you can always run to. The arms you can always fall in. The heart beat you can always listen to. The ears that never get tired of listening and the eyes that never get tired of watching. The mouth that never gets tired of talking, the lips that never get tired of kissing. The hand that never gets tired from wiping away tears or the arms that never get tired from holding you back, occasionally pushing you forward or from just holding you. You know that theyd do anything for you and would never do anything to hurt you. The door would be open but theyd never leave, the chair would be right there but they wouldnt sit, the sky could be black and the moon could be out but they wouldnt go to sleep cuz that would mean time away from you. There would always be a way out but who needs to escape from something they want and you know that all they want is to be with you. Theyd be the only one with the power to break your heart but you know that theyd never use it. With great power comes great responsibilty. I think the power to break someones heart is the greatest power ever and if anyone should give you that power please realize that even if you dont want it theyre trusting you with it so dont take advantage of it and watch the things you do and say. Something that seems so little to you could be so amazingly huge to them. Thats the whole reason theyre in love with you, all the little things you did that you didnt even realize you were doing. Now to the people that are in love. Isnt it crazy? Your heart hurts whenever you think of them, you dont want to be away from them and when you are you cant wait to just hear them call your name and grab you up into the arms that youve been longing for since the last time you saw them, which could be an hour earlier. The heart doesnt know time. All it knows is that its always too long to be away from them. Its funny because people always talk about how they gave the object of their affection their heart but when that persons away your heart hurts. Like how is that possible? You have my heart and at the same time youre making it hurt and not even you, just the fact that you're not standing right here next to me at this very moment. Strange. You want to cry when it just doesnt make sense. What are you crying for, youre with them. You belong to them and they belong to you. Both your hearts are cared for by each other. So whats the problem? Fear. Youre scared. Somethings gonna happen and theyre gonna leave you. Youre gonna wake up from this beautiful little dream and realize none of it was real. Theyre gonna find someone better, maybe even your best friend and realize that they never wanted to be with you all along. Then what are you gonna do? You made them your everything and now theyre gone and what do you have left? Nothing. Absolutely nothing except maybe your heart, but what good is it? Its broken. Torn. Ripped. Strangled. Bleeding...scarred. Just so useless. You are supposed to love everyday you live but whats the point of loving with a broken heart? Its like driving with a broken car. You seem to be doing fine but soon enough when you least expect it youre gonna crash and burn and its gonna happen in the middle of no where or even worse in the middle of a busy street where everyone is driving happily and no cars hit you but no one stops to help you either. No one sees you. Youre between dying and death right now cuz you want to die, you know youre gonna die but you dont and that makes everything worse. Now, this is all hypoHYPOthetically. Youre still with this wonderful person but all of this is going through your mind when youre not with them and sometimes even when you are. Why does loveing someone hurt more than being hated? Why does loving someone who loves you back hurt more than loving someone who doesnt? Is it just fear? Maybe its just me. Usually it is. Just me. Just Sabrina...just thinking. Again though, this is all hypothetical. Just another hypothetical thought. Im just the hypothetic realist arent I?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Animal Cruelty Is Wrong No Matter Which Way You Turn It

Just because youre a useless piece of trash doesn't mean you should treat animals cruelly. Okay, so that opening statement may sound mean but thats my whole view on animal abuse. Now I believe that abuse can be broken up into to three main terms that can be broken down even more but the main three are Neglect, Punishment and just plain Cruelty. Some people that abuse their animals dont even realize that they are doing it. They either just dont care or are too busy to realize. The ones that dont care will do things like see the empty water bowl before they leave the house at 8 in the morning, look at the faucet, think about filling up the bowl but decide Mr.Fluffles can wait until later knowing that they wont be back until 10. Oh well, right? No, abuse. Then theres Mrs.Businesswoman who has a meeting at 11, its 10:30 now and itll be a 40 minute drive. She runs out the door, jumps into the car, heads to work and half way there she realizes "I didnt feed Simon (the dog)".........."Damn!, fourth time this week." Abuse. Next we have Mr. Strangeman who lives with his three dogs, Pookie, Smiles and Trix. Trix had an accident on the carpet so he beat her. Pookie tried to run after a squirrel during a walk so poor Pookie got beat. Mr. Strangeman wanted Smiles to come to him so he yelled "Smiles!". Smiles didnt come. He called four more times and Smiles didnt get up so he walked over to where Smiles was and beat him. Nothing wrong with that right? He was being disobediant. No. Again, abuse. Now to our last form of abuse, the one where my beginning statement is directed to, just plain Cruelty. Im gonna give the most common and sickest kind of abuse. Dog fighting. Forget the whole min skit thing. These sick cruel malicious people train their dogs to fight. They hurt them so they become tough. They put them against other dogs and have them fight to the death. I shouldnt even have to ask if this is wrong because if you think its acceptable youre just as sick as they are. So Ive pretty much covered the bases on the different kinds of animal cruelty but what I didnt talk about is overpopulation. Alot of people dont realize how important it is to get their pets spayed and neutered. It prevents homeless pets and innocent animals getting into evil hands. You spay and neuter your pet and youll be saving alot of animals that could potentially be hurt in the future. Oh, just a little reminder. Dogs are not the only pets that get abused. Please remember to spay and neuter your pets. Ive said it like 3 times but I know how you people dont listen so just once more for the sake of the animals. Ill even say it slowly, P-L-E-A-S-E/S-P-A-Y/A-N-D/N-E-U-T-E-R /Y-O-U-R /P-E-T-S. Got it? Good. And Im serious. If you havent done it yet go do Like right now. Save The Animals.

For more information on animal abuse and how you can stop it visit
and theres even more info all over the net so do some research. One click, one life. Thats all it is.

To help an animal that may have been abused before go and take a trip to your local pet shop or shelter. You just might be saving yourself too.
-EXTRA- (Please watch)

......I cried when I saw it...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vampires and Werewolves and Witches! Oh my!

So, Twilight is the best book ever right? Edward and Jacob are probably the most wanted guys by teenage girls right now too especially after the movie. I know I have a whole bunch of their posters in my room but what I wanna know is how many people really believe in vampires and werewolves. What is a vampire? Theres hundreds of movies that give this idea that vampires are monsters that kill people for the joy of it but how much truth is there to that really? I believe in vampires, I believe in werewolves, I believe in fairies but I do not believe in Santa. Funny isnt it? I think that vampires are humans that rely on the blood of other humans to survive. I dont think that vampires kill people though. I know one "vampire" in particular who has a specific donor who gives him a bit of her blood willingly every week. I dont know exactly how it all works out but hes a vampire. Other people might just call him crazy and nasty but thats there opinion and I have mine. Now werewolves have there movies too and theres few movies who tell the truth about them but what is the truth? Im not a werewolf so I cant tell you. I havent did much research bout werewolves cuz I think vampires are 10x hotter so...yeah. What I am going to do now is do some googling on werewolves and my next post will be loaded with info and myth busters on them and the post after that will be on witches and wiccans. Im in the wiccan religion so that one will definetly a worth waiting for kinda thing so....I SHALL RETURN. Right now, Im gonna go snuggle up with my stuffed Pokemon and visit sleepy bye bye land for a couple of hours but I SHALL RETURN...I said that already huh? Oh wellz, once more just for the heck of it. I SHALL RETURN! There, Im done.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Apologies

Hey everyone! Hows it going, hows it been? Hopefully all is well. Okay so this is my apology post to all my last year supporters. You guys are probably a little disappointed with my lack of post this year and though Im not a people pleaser Im really gonna try to work on it cuz its kinda making me a bit sad too. What Im asking you lovely peoples to do is send me any topic that you want to hear me rant about. I mean, ANYTHING. Nothing here will be uncensored...I dont really mean that, Ive just always wanted to say that.....So yeah, if youre an AIMer, IM me your topic or you probably have an email so email me. The contact info is below know what to do~

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