Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vampires and Werewolves and Witches! Oh my!

So, Twilight is the best book ever right? Edward and Jacob are probably the most wanted guys by teenage girls right now too especially after the movie. I know I have a whole bunch of their posters in my room but what I wanna know is how many people really believe in vampires and werewolves. What is a vampire? Theres hundreds of movies that give this idea that vampires are monsters that kill people for the joy of it but how much truth is there to that really? I believe in vampires, I believe in werewolves, I believe in fairies but I do not believe in Santa. Funny isnt it? I think that vampires are humans that rely on the blood of other humans to survive. I dont think that vampires kill people though. I know one "vampire" in particular who has a specific donor who gives him a bit of her blood willingly every week. I dont know exactly how it all works out but hes a vampire. Other people might just call him crazy and nasty but thats there opinion and I have mine. Now werewolves have there movies too and theres few movies who tell the truth about them but what is the truth? Im not a werewolf so I cant tell you. I havent did much research bout werewolves cuz I think vampires are 10x hotter so...yeah. What I am going to do now is do some googling on werewolves and my next post will be loaded with info and myth busters on them and the post after that will be on witches and wiccans. Im in the wiccan religion so that one will definetly a worth waiting for kinda thing so....I SHALL RETURN. Right now, Im gonna go snuggle up with my stuffed Pokemon and visit sleepy bye bye land for a couple of hours but I SHALL RETURN...I said that already huh? Oh wellz, once more just for the heck of it. I SHALL RETURN! There, Im done.


lahana said...

very interesting! you actually KNOW a vampire? how many vampires do you think live amongst us in nyc? are you tempted to join their ranks?