Monday, March 30, 2009

(Weekly Update?

So Ive been doing bad with this daily journal thing. I havent written on here for a week already but I know you guys will forgive me, right?? *Yes* YAY! I got a acoustic guitar yesterday and...well, Im not very good yet. I was gonna get an electric one but I didnt feel like getting the amplipher so....yeah. Thats the most exciting so far and I got accepted into Bard High School Early College. Ive been wanting to go there since I was like 5. It just looked like somewhere where smart people go so I wanted to go there because....I wanted to be smart. Nothings wrong with wanting to be smart right? Ah, I didnt really think so^_^

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am so excited!!! Tomorrow is me and my bf's 6 month anniversary. Big right? Totally. I was laying down yesterday, after I wrote on zee blog and I realized that something I need to start doing is talking. Well, not talking like just ranting and rambling because I do enough of that daily but talking to "him" about whats been going on. People have been saying I've been acting differently. I have been acting differently. My whole little show of being happy 24/7 has been starting to deteriorate. Im not as good as actress as I thought I was but thats fine because I stopped caring. Alot has been going on, just stress of 8th grade and teenage life and its been taking such a big toll on me because...I dont talk about it. Now of course I could write about it on here but how much would that help? Not only would I be typing for hours on end, I would be boring the heck outta you guys when I could be talking about something of interest and then doing my whole therapy session with the guy who cares, or at least does a REALLY good job of acting like he cares. I appreciate acting more these days. AH! Im starting to bore myself now. Right, so I didnt do much besides think today. Sunday is my crying day. Where I think about everything and everyone thats done me wrong, cry about it then plan my payback. Sounds pretty pathetic, I know but its a real joy for me. So thats what Im doing right now. Im having heck of a time too. Yup, not much else to I'll write about my revenge plans and how my 6 month anniversary went tomorrow.

Signing off and out (Ha, its still cute to say)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


O-M-GFAKD! Guess what??? I have a new goal....exciting isnt it? What Im planning, hoping, aspiring and working to do is do an online journal. Meaning, Im going to try and write on blog everyday with just a little update on whats going on with...ME! Yup, thats right. You'll get to be on my case about everything that goes on with me day in and day out. So, yeah. Right now Im feeling pretty sick. I went to Saturday school at Bard earlier today and then went to the Pokemon Platinum release party. It. Was. AWESOME! Got a signed copy of the game and everything. I was supposed to go to my friend, Rey, birthday party but I wasnt feeling party-ish at all so I just went home. Up until now I've been watching YouTube videos. Not that exciting but thats all I felt like doing. Im REALLY REALLY tired. I havent slept in the last 4 days. I dont know why. I dont know how either but...yeah. Maybe Im an insominac. I should go get checked out or something dont you think? Yeah? I dont think so either. I'll be fine. Anyway, Im gonna go give my friends snake a bath so I'll talk to you guys later.

Signing Off and Out (Ha, thats cute)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Space-Invaders! AH!

Well I founds me another movie like the text monster video I was telling you guys about in my last post and this one was about this boy who has this girl he's been going out for awhile and he was on her "Myspace" page the other day and saw a pretty flirty comment from this other guy and got suspicious. I said he should have broke into her account while she was away and looked at her messages. Yeah, yeah. He should have just talked to her but I dont know, I get nosy when I get jealous but anyway, he did it and got caught and that was just sad. He could have found a better way to break in than doing it at while he was at her house. Of course youre gonna get caught. I hate when people do things like that but are stupid when theyre doing it. If youre gonna be sneaky you have to be clever. You cant be an idiot and you have to know how to stay alert and listen for footsteps and stuff. If you cant do those things...then well, you should just be upfront and ask whats going on...even though I dont really approve of that because then the person you asked kinda realizes that youre watching so then theyre more aware and are more careful with their "cheating". Like even if theyre not cheating, theyre probaby not being fully honest with you because they dont think that you care because you havent really shown any sign that youre watching them or have any idea that you know what theyre doing when youre not around. The internet is a funny thing because its almost like this parellel world where youre yourself but you can make yourself into whoever you want to be and do pretty much whatever you want. Its alot easier to get caught doing something wrong on the internet because of all that data collecting technology there is now. Even simple technology like history and the cache, even if you delete them theyre still there and if you get caught by the feds doing something illegal ten years from and they want to pull up your old files they an do that and...well, thats why you have to watch what you do on the internet especially if you have an overproective overcurious space-invading boyfriend~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Text Monster

I have this friend who has this boyfriend and he likes to hang out with his friends and whatever and she used to feel left out. Now they both have cell phones and she texts him constantly so she never feels abandoned by her boyfriend. Lately he's been answering her text less and less and when she finally confronted him about it he told her that his phone was broken. She doesnt know what to do because, well shes hurt and kind of doesnt believe him. So she texted me and asked me what she should do. If she should just break up with him, call him out on his lying and smash his phone or confront him and ask him whats going on. I told her to smash his phone because I personally hate being toyed with. If he isnt going to use it to make their relationship stronger there is no point in having it and he doesnt need it sooooo smash it. She texted me back and said that she didnt know if that was really the best way to go. I figured she was just too scared to do it so I called her boyfriend and he picked up (phone broken right?) and told him to meet me at the park. As soon as I saw him I started an arguement with him and took his phone right off his waist and threw it into the monkey bars. It smashed instantly and he stood there in complete shock. Then he got MAD sooo I ran. I ran and ran and went home. To make the story short, his phone really was broken, he had just gotten the one he answered me on an hour earlier, my friend had gotten a text from him telling her what really happened about the slow responses (his brother was really sick) and they are both no longer my friend. But hey, who needed them right?^_^


That story is no where near anything that really happened to me. Click the link below to see where I got the idea from, its a really cute video.


Nothings Wrong With Revenge

You know what one of the saddest things is? When people dont realize what other people are capable of? They just keep pushing them and pushing them...and you know what? One day that kid is gonna lose it. Theyre just gonna be so tired and so finished that theyre gonna lose it and the good thing is with people like me who only go after the ones that deserve it...the ones that deserve it never see it coming because why? They underestimated the amount of bull that kid was gonna take so they think, "Oh, one more time isnt gonna hurt. This kid isnt gonna do anything." And by the time they finish that thought, theres already a bullet hole in the back of their head. Now, Im not promoting or encouraging violence but I'm a BIG believer in revenge. Being part of a Jamaican family, I was brought up in a mostly christian environment because...well, besides Rastarianism, christianity is really the main religion and Ive always been told, "God will take care of things." or "Every dog has their day and every puss has its 4 o'clock" and all thats good and well but honestly I dont think theres anything better than a little mortal revenge. Karma is great. God is great but mortal revenge is just so...sweet. Yeah, there's consequences but...its just too sweet. Consquences are what make life great anyway. Being in the wiccan religion also, they have a saying "What thou do to onto thee, will come back to thou art, three times three" which I guess I should follow. But like I said, nothing is as sweet as mortal revenge. I like my revenge to be surprising and sutle. Im not the one to come to school with an Ak tuked away into the front of my pants. No real satisfaction would come out of that but you know your favorite American Eagle sweater? The really expensive one? Yeah, the one with the bird on the front. That paint stain didnt get there by itself. And the homework that was being counted as a test for 40% of your grade that you thought you didnt lose it. You dont need to keep looking for it either, its gone.