Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Text Monster

I have this friend who has this boyfriend and he likes to hang out with his friends and whatever and she used to feel left out. Now they both have cell phones and she texts him constantly so she never feels abandoned by her boyfriend. Lately he's been answering her text less and less and when she finally confronted him about it he told her that his phone was broken. She doesnt know what to do because, well shes hurt and kind of doesnt believe him. So she texted me and asked me what she should do. If she should just break up with him, call him out on his lying and smash his phone or confront him and ask him whats going on. I told her to smash his phone because I personally hate being toyed with. If he isnt going to use it to make their relationship stronger there is no point in having it and he doesnt need it sooooo smash it. She texted me back and said that she didnt know if that was really the best way to go. I figured she was just too scared to do it so I called her boyfriend and he picked up (phone broken right?) and told him to meet me at the park. As soon as I saw him I started an arguement with him and took his phone right off his waist and threw it into the monkey bars. It smashed instantly and he stood there in complete shock. Then he got MAD sooo I ran. I ran and ran and went home. To make the story short, his phone really was broken, he had just gotten the one he answered me on an hour earlier, my friend had gotten a text from him telling her what really happened about the slow responses (his brother was really sick) and they are both no longer my friend. But hey, who needed them right?^_^


That story is no where near anything that really happened to me. Click the link below to see where I got the idea from, its a really cute video.



Mr.B said...

Your last two posts read with such a great voice--it's like I start reading and I'm caught on this locomotive pace--I can't stop until I get to your sign-off.

Nice work!

On another note (this is Mr.B/Doug) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember your flash-drive with the photos from last Tuesday. I really want to include our last photo-session (especially the phone booth/angel)!!

Don't forget! Don't forget! Please!