Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am so excited!!! Tomorrow is me and my bf's 6 month anniversary. Big right? Totally. I was laying down yesterday, after I wrote on zee blog and I realized that something I need to start doing is talking. Well, not talking like just ranting and rambling because I do enough of that daily but talking to "him" about whats been going on. People have been saying I've been acting differently. I have been acting differently. My whole little show of being happy 24/7 has been starting to deteriorate. Im not as good as actress as I thought I was but thats fine because I stopped caring. Alot has been going on, just stress of 8th grade and teenage life and its been taking such a big toll on me because...I dont talk about it. Now of course I could write about it on here but how much would that help? Not only would I be typing for hours on end, I would be boring the heck outta you guys when I could be talking about something of interest and then doing my whole therapy session with the guy who cares, or at least does a REALLY good job of acting like he cares. I appreciate acting more these days. AH! Im starting to bore myself now. Right, so I didnt do much besides think today. Sunday is my crying day. Where I think about everything and everyone thats done me wrong, cry about it then plan my payback. Sounds pretty pathetic, I know but its a real joy for me. So thats what Im doing right now. Im having heck of a time too. Yup, not much else to I'll write about my revenge plans and how my 6 month anniversary went tomorrow.

Signing off and out (Ha, its still cute to say)


lahana said...

Let me just say, I appreciate your written therapy session...I don't find them boring. I like following along as you come to different conclusions and realizations about yourself and life in general. I have a feeling other readers of your blog feel the same.

Personally speaking, as far as you acting differently, it doesn't much matter to me if you are all smiles and pep. The difference I see (and we've talked about this) is the days when you seem so SLEEPY. I don't think you should feel pressure to act happy, I like you because you're a deep and divergent thinker...something that is a part of you no matter how your outward emotions appear. Anyway, just trying to take the pressure off you to act a certain way-- just be AWAKE and your friends and family will enjoy you. period.

>>>>>>>KMangin188<<<<< said...

this is very personal to be blogging for the whole wold to see. Its your "choice". I'm sorry if it seems like i don't care some times but i really do.its just that i feel these pressures too. ):