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Teenagers. One big As much as some teens try to act like they're all so holy and they don't think about it...they do. Unless you live under a rock sex affects you. Every where you go there's sex. Movies, music, the rack at the corner store that says 18+. Its everywhere. If its everywhere then it must be good, must be important for some kind of fundamental development right? Another big thing is cell phones and on cell phones, theres texting. Everybody does it. Now if you put this texting that everybody does with the sex that everybodys talking about, you get a big problem. Since 2005, *"sexting"* has been a big issue and...well, its still a big problem. If you're not familiar with the term sexting, its the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones. Since many teens are still trying to keep some type of purity, they figure not having actual sex but sending sexually explicit messages to the "loves of their lives" is a good alternative. The same as if you'd have sex with somebody who you "loved" and thought "loved" you back and then they go around telling everybody youre a whore and the biggest slut after the innevitable happens and you two break up...if you send them either sexually explicit text or pictures youre just cutting out the middle man and basically giving them permission to hit that "SEND-TO-MANY" button on their phone and letting everybody else see what should've been private and letting everybody think all thats not true about you also.

Click Here
to read about a young girl that commited suicide because of the consequences of sexting
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Watch what you do. Once something is sent theres no turning back and nothing is ever deleted from cyberspace.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Teletubies Vs. Boobah

Yeah, so Ive been obssesing over this for the past few days. You know how there are reality shows that just copy other reality shows and 6 soap operas that are exactly the same but with different actors? Well they do that with kids shows too. I am not embarrasesd to say this at all, I spend most of my free time watching PBS and PLayhouse disney and all those other channels for the young ones. Now my problem is that one of my past favorites, Teletubies was copied by this thing, Boobah. Honestly I have no idea where they got a name like that. Boobah...I just dont get it. Theyre such copy cats. Boobah characters; They are all different colors, they dont talk, they dance constantly....what does that remind you of.....TELETUBIES! I cant believe the shows creator had the audacity to sit there and remake Teletubies. Most people say its just the chinese version but what 6 year old is concerned with race. What 6 year child tells their mother "This show isnt chinese enough for me to watch." Nothing said is about being racist, Im not even trying to make a "racial statement". What my problem is that they copied Teletubies and Im mad. I hope Boobah looses all their viewers and is canceled or put on some remote channel. (They scare me......Im serious, I really am afraid of them. Especially the yellowish one.)

[ Oh Digimon and Pokemon are the exact same thing just so you know...I love both of them though. Gotta catch 'em all!]

Sabrina's Home For Imaginary Friends

Is it really wrong to have an imaginary friend? I don’t think so but I’ve promised myself to never go down that road again. This is why (flashback!)……I went to the Bronx with a couple of my friends (3 girls, 2 boys (and my imaginary friend, Moonlight) to get hoodies that had our groups intials. So we went and got hoodies, found these sneakers that had the hoodies design, went to the movies and then hit the pizzaria. It was pretty late, almost 11 so we decided to go back to Brooklyn to my cousins house. We took the 2 train and it took forever but there were some teens on the train that were really social so it was like a traveling party after awhile. We hit our stop and got off. We checked to make sure we had all our stuff. My little group didn’t forget nothing but guess what I forgot….Moonlight. I had a mental breakdown right in the subway station. She was like my twin. They couldn’t get me to calm down. I was crying like someone just shot my dog. It was horrible and I vowed from that day forward that all imaginary friends were to be completely oblivious to me as they are to adults who don’t believe in their inner child til! I found Moonlight. I hold that til this day…..please do not introduce me to any of your imaginary friends. Theyll be alot more imaginary when Im done with them….

Internet Freaks

WOOT! So Im finally back from Jamaica....Well I was back about 2 weeks ago but yeah.....Yeah! I was on this multiplayer roleplaying game called Runescape (yeah, Im a nerd. I role play. So what?) and I was wondering why the internet plays such a big part in society today. Besides the obvious reason about how anything can be found via web -from buying a rare Malibu Barbie from making Weapons of Mass Destruction-but the thing is that alot of people arent always happy with the life they're living at the appointed time OR even if they're greatly content with their life they might want to make it a bit can be anyone over the internet. You could be a 45 year old male pretending to be a 14 year old girl with acne and an eating disorder. I dont know why that would be sometihng to choose to be but hey, one girls nightmare is another man's fantasy. play my own little 'W.B. Manson' game with this new thought I created a couple of different Myspaces as different people which was actually real fun. My different account themes were -Goth Chick, Envolved in Emo, Homesexual Ganster, Retired Cop,Believed Vampire and an Anti-Christ theme.- All were very hard work and it was so interesting to see how people responed differently to each one. I had people request me, just so they could curse me out and tell me "you need to be saved..." and "prayer couldn't even help a wretched person like yourself'" A couple of those messages hurt my feelings too...but anway, my point really is that people can be anyone they want over the internet so as my personal P.S.A. you don't know who is who so DO NOT give your personal information to anyone, agree to meet anybody from the internet outside or trust any person you meet online. Take nothing what anyone says personally either because I know many of you remember the story of the mother who went on Myspace and pretended to be a young boy and led a girl to suicide...(click here to read the article)

BE CAREFUL!!!!! please.....

Oh and Runescape is really fun. Check it out. (Nerds are really cool people...just kidding, Dont call anyone names or make fun of people...its not nice....^_^ im so sweet....)