Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A recent report published in The New York Times says, “Anonymous surveys among college students suggest that 17 percent of them have self-injured, and experts estimate that self-injury is practiced by 15 percent of the general adolescent population.” In fact, every news organization is ringing the alarm about the “trend” of cutting. But it seems that no one is getting to the core of this issue. To me, the story is not so much that so many of us are cutting; the question in my mind is why are we cutting?
In 6th grade there was an issue of me being involved with the whole cutting scene and at first in didnt seem like any big thing to me. If you did it, you did it. Self mutilation? I dont get it. One cut...not that big of a deal. Well it was. (I know Im not being really clear on if I did it or not and Im doing that on purpose. Being so vague about it might bring you to the conclusion that I did do it but if I dont say it straight out how much truth is there in that huh?) I’ve read a variety of forums on this issue and as far as I can see, everyone admits that cutting is painful; so why are so many people still doing it? (Ritorical question. I know why)
"Skin is a bulletin board," said Linda Lebelle, director of Focus Adolescent Services. "They're saying, 'Can you see how much pain I'm in?’” Sure that sounds good in a clinical sense, but depression has been on the rise since the 80s and cutting has only seen a growth in popularity in the last few years. Funny thing is, alot of people that cut arent even depressed. Doesnt make much sense does it? Well, it does to them. At that point is not called cutting, its scarring. Ill write another post on this. In the very very near future.
Some teens cite the thrill or high that comes from the experience as their impetus. "Cutting releases anger and frustration," wrote 17-year-old Abby. "By cutting, it lets it out-- bleeds it out. It is the most exciting, dangerous feeling I have ever felt." Another anonymous teen concurred, telling Women’s E News, “It started out as a weird thrill.. I admit that I was strangely addicted to the feeling of dragging the razor across my skin. I liked the way my hair would stand on end as I watched the blood trickle from every cut I made." The more I looked, the more “thrill,” “high,” “control” and “trend” started appearing in the cutting conversation. Now, I’m no statistician by any stretch of the imagination, but when the majority of unmoderated sites are mentioning the same three or four major reasons for one act, I’ve got to figure that’s probably closer to the root of the problem than the hypothesis given by “health professionals.”
Cutting is not like piercing or tattooing, which are both forms of artistic expression. Cutting is a destructive mean of expression that could lead to serious injury and should not be taken lightly. An appropriate analogy might very well be jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. Sure, it seems exciting at the time—especially when everyone else is doing it—but then it has that whole lasting effect of your ending up dead, which is not quite as cool. In most respects, I think we could all agree that there are more effective ways to gain control over our lives and more acceptable ways of finding a thrill. Alot of people who cut dont even realize how serious it is until its too late and theyre being driven in an ambulance to the hostpital. If you know anyone that cuts, please talk to them. I dont mean just say, "Oh cutting is bad. Now I mean seriously talk to them. Do research, print out articles, just be there for them. I know I might be thought of as strange for saying this but dont tell a school counselour. It wont help. Just talk to them and be a friend. In the end, if that isnt enough tell a trusted adult. Not a counselour. They cant be trusted. Why is this? Because they have an obligation to tell parents and though this might not seem like a problem, it is. If the cutter is rushed into being "fixed" by parents and counselour it could run them into an even worse state of depression and they could end up being drugged up and put into a mental instution when all they really needed was a good friend. My main point, be a good friend and just listen

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Save The Animals (Part Two)

Many vegetarians are vegetarian because they dont believe in eating animals that have been killed. Alot of vegetarians became non meat eaters because they found out how many of the meat products that were alive animals before were treated horribly in the factory. The animals were mass produced by being fed hormones to make them give birth and grow faster and thicker. Now the point Im getting at is there are factories call puppy mills that do basically the same thing. They breed a whole bunch of animals only to treat them terribly and then sell them to big name pet stores (PetLand Discounts) who probably dont give a crap about the animals either. Well if they dont care about the animals why should we care about their business going under. Stop buying from pet stores that get their animals from puppymills. Vist your local animal shelter and adopt a pet. Youll be saving a life.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My drug P.S.A

A video made by me about drug abuse using this awesome website called Xtranormal. Hope you likez it~ (Making it was fun...)


What is love? My definition of loving someone is knowing that theyre the one who you can always run to. The arms you can always fall in. The heart beat you can always listen to. The ears that never get tired of listening and the eyes that never get tired of watching. The mouth that never gets tired of talking, the lips that never get tired of kissing. The hand that never gets tired from wiping away tears or the arms that never get tired from holding you back, occasionally pushing you forward or from just holding you. You know that theyd do anything for you and would never do anything to hurt you. The door would be open but theyd never leave, the chair would be right there but they wouldnt sit, the sky could be black and the moon could be out but they wouldnt go to sleep cuz that would mean time away from you. There would always be a way out but who needs to escape from something they want and you know that all they want is to be with you. Theyd be the only one with the power to break your heart but you know that theyd never use it. With great power comes great responsibilty. I think the power to break someones heart is the greatest power ever and if anyone should give you that power please realize that even if you dont want it theyre trusting you with it so dont take advantage of it and watch the things you do and say. Something that seems so little to you could be so amazingly huge to them. Thats the whole reason theyre in love with you, all the little things you did that you didnt even realize you were doing. Now to the people that are in love. Isnt it crazy? Your heart hurts whenever you think of them, you dont want to be away from them and when you are you cant wait to just hear them call your name and grab you up into the arms that youve been longing for since the last time you saw them, which could be an hour earlier. The heart doesnt know time. All it knows is that its always too long to be away from them. Its funny because people always talk about how they gave the object of their affection their heart but when that persons away your heart hurts. Like how is that possible? You have my heart and at the same time youre making it hurt and not even you, just the fact that you're not standing right here next to me at this very moment. Strange. You want to cry when it just doesnt make sense. What are you crying for, youre with them. You belong to them and they belong to you. Both your hearts are cared for by each other. So whats the problem? Fear. Youre scared. Somethings gonna happen and theyre gonna leave you. Youre gonna wake up from this beautiful little dream and realize none of it was real. Theyre gonna find someone better, maybe even your best friend and realize that they never wanted to be with you all along. Then what are you gonna do? You made them your everything and now theyre gone and what do you have left? Nothing. Absolutely nothing except maybe your heart, but what good is it? Its broken. Torn. Ripped. Strangled. Bleeding...scarred. Just so useless. You are supposed to love everyday you live but whats the point of loving with a broken heart? Its like driving with a broken car. You seem to be doing fine but soon enough when you least expect it youre gonna crash and burn and its gonna happen in the middle of no where or even worse in the middle of a busy street where everyone is driving happily and no cars hit you but no one stops to help you either. No one sees you. Youre between dying and death right now cuz you want to die, you know youre gonna die but you dont and that makes everything worse. Now, this is all hypoHYPOthetically. Youre still with this wonderful person but all of this is going through your mind when youre not with them and sometimes even when you are. Why does loveing someone hurt more than being hated? Why does loving someone who loves you back hurt more than loving someone who doesnt? Is it just fear? Maybe its just me. Usually it is. Just me. Just Sabrina...just thinking. Again though, this is all hypothetical. Just another hypothetical thought. Im just the hypothetic realist arent I?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Animal Cruelty Is Wrong No Matter Which Way You Turn It

Just because youre a useless piece of trash doesn't mean you should treat animals cruelly. Okay, so that opening statement may sound mean but thats my whole view on animal abuse. Now I believe that abuse can be broken up into to three main terms that can be broken down even more but the main three are Neglect, Punishment and just plain Cruelty. Some people that abuse their animals dont even realize that they are doing it. They either just dont care or are too busy to realize. The ones that dont care will do things like see the empty water bowl before they leave the house at 8 in the morning, look at the faucet, think about filling up the bowl but decide Mr.Fluffles can wait until later knowing that they wont be back until 10. Oh well, right? No, abuse. Then theres Mrs.Businesswoman who has a meeting at 11, its 10:30 now and itll be a 40 minute drive. She runs out the door, jumps into the car, heads to work and half way there she realizes "I didnt feed Simon (the dog)".........."Damn!, fourth time this week." Abuse. Next we have Mr. Strangeman who lives with his three dogs, Pookie, Smiles and Trix. Trix had an accident on the carpet so he beat her. Pookie tried to run after a squirrel during a walk so poor Pookie got beat. Mr. Strangeman wanted Smiles to come to him so he yelled "Smiles!". Smiles didnt come. He called four more times and Smiles didnt get up so he walked over to where Smiles was and beat him. Nothing wrong with that right? He was being disobediant. No. Again, abuse. Now to our last form of abuse, the one where my beginning statement is directed to, just plain Cruelty. Im gonna give the most common and sickest kind of abuse. Dog fighting. Forget the whole min skit thing. These sick cruel malicious people train their dogs to fight. They hurt them so they become tough. They put them against other dogs and have them fight to the death. I shouldnt even have to ask if this is wrong because if you think its acceptable youre just as sick as they are. So Ive pretty much covered the bases on the different kinds of animal cruelty but what I didnt talk about is overpopulation. Alot of people dont realize how important it is to get their pets spayed and neutered. It prevents homeless pets and innocent animals getting into evil hands. You spay and neuter your pet and youll be saving alot of animals that could potentially be hurt in the future. Oh, just a little reminder. Dogs are not the only pets that get abused. Please remember to spay and neuter your pets. Ive said it like 3 times but I know how you people dont listen so just once more for the sake of the animals. Ill even say it slowly, P-L-E-A-S-E/S-P-A-Y/A-N-D/N-E-U-T-E-R /Y-O-U-R /P-E-T-S. Got it? Good. And Im serious. If you havent done it yet go do Like right now. Save The Animals.

For more information on animal abuse and how you can stop it visit
and theres even more info all over the net so do some research. One click, one life. Thats all it is.

To help an animal that may have been abused before go and take a trip to your local pet shop or shelter. You just might be saving yourself too.
-EXTRA- (Please watch)

......I cried when I saw it...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vampires and Werewolves and Witches! Oh my!

So, Twilight is the best book ever right? Edward and Jacob are probably the most wanted guys by teenage girls right now too especially after the movie. I know I have a whole bunch of their posters in my room but what I wanna know is how many people really believe in vampires and werewolves. What is a vampire? Theres hundreds of movies that give this idea that vampires are monsters that kill people for the joy of it but how much truth is there to that really? I believe in vampires, I believe in werewolves, I believe in fairies but I do not believe in Santa. Funny isnt it? I think that vampires are humans that rely on the blood of other humans to survive. I dont think that vampires kill people though. I know one "vampire" in particular who has a specific donor who gives him a bit of her blood willingly every week. I dont know exactly how it all works out but hes a vampire. Other people might just call him crazy and nasty but thats there opinion and I have mine. Now werewolves have there movies too and theres few movies who tell the truth about them but what is the truth? Im not a werewolf so I cant tell you. I havent did much research bout werewolves cuz I think vampires are 10x hotter so...yeah. What I am going to do now is do some googling on werewolves and my next post will be loaded with info and myth busters on them and the post after that will be on witches and wiccans. Im in the wiccan religion so that one will definetly a worth waiting for kinda thing so....I SHALL RETURN. Right now, Im gonna go snuggle up with my stuffed Pokemon and visit sleepy bye bye land for a couple of hours but I SHALL RETURN...I said that already huh? Oh wellz, once more just for the heck of it. I SHALL RETURN! There, Im done.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Apologies

Hey everyone! Hows it going, hows it been? Hopefully all is well. Okay so this is my apology post to all my last year supporters. You guys are probably a little disappointed with my lack of post this year and though Im not a people pleaser Im really gonna try to work on it cuz its kinda making me a bit sad too. What Im asking you lovely peoples to do is send me any topic that you want to hear me rant about. I mean, ANYTHING. Nothing here will be uncensored...I dont really mean that, Ive just always wanted to say that.....So yeah, if youre an AIMer, IM me your topic or you probably have an email so email me. The contact info is below know what to do~

AIM: christinablina
Number: Ha ha, Im lying. Im not putting my number here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What Comes In Like A Thief In The Night? DEATH!

You know what Im into?? Im really big on songs with meaning especially ones where the meaning of the song is kind of hidden so you have to listen to it over and over to get what its about. Well I just listened to this song called "The Thief In The Night" and its a pretty real song. It makes you think, it makes you wonder. Guess what it makes you think about? Death. Sounds like a sweet song doesnt it? Its not really about death and like hell and stuff, its not a heavy metal song neither. It kinda sounds like a song Tupac would be into for real. If you read the lyrics (click hear) and/or listen to the song (click hear) when you get around to the 3rd verse, if youre really listening the song starts to hit you hard. I finished listening to it and just started thinking, wow no one really appreciates life like they should. In the song Aceyalone says that theres three stages in life, die dying and dead. I agree with that beyond mere agreement, Were young and we know we're all gonna die, we get older and we start to realize that we're dying and then before we know it, dead. Thats it. So easy, so quickly. You wait for it but it comes so fast you dont even see it and then there, dead. Like a thief in the night. What a way to use that sentence huh? Death comes like a thief in the night. Doesnt make much sense til you really think about it. Many people are afraid of death but what are they really afraid of, death or what happens after death? What happens after death? Way too many answers to that question for me to get into, it really depends on your religion, spirtual state and moral status. So far, the way Ive been brought up into christianity I believe that everybody goes somewhere when they die and that somewhere is based on what you were doing while you were alive. Heaven or hell. Now, that doesnt mean live your life in a box and give everything you have away so you can say "Oh, Ive been a good person so Im going to heaven". Im not gonna start preaching or anything but if you make a positive difference in the world, again not saying you have to find the cure to cancer but if you can do just a little something thatll change one or more persons life for the better you'll definetly go where you deserve. Im gonna end this post now because its getting kinda long and short and sweet is usually what I try to go for so...yeah, Im ending this post but not this topic. Follow up post coming soon so check back in...soon~

"Overly Anxious Can't Just Wait
To See When Death Is Gonna Pull You to Your Fate
It's Inevitable There's no Escape
There's no Mistake
Every Time a Life Is Given It's Another One You Have to Take
Then Your Electricity and And Your Energy's Released
Born Into Another Soul After Your Physical's Deceased
May You Forever Rest in Peace
Although Your Current Is Concurrent There Is no Deturrent
You Will Cease to Be no More
The War Has Been Won
The Warrior Is Rested and Your Duty Here Is Done
Just When You Think You're Having Fun
It'll Snatch You Up and Run
For a Second You Appreciate the Sun
For a Half a Second You Appreciate the Stars
For a Half a Second You Reflect On Who You Are
And What You Where
And in a Flash It's All a Blur"
-Aceyalone from "The Thief In The Night"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My friends think Im concieted but Im really not. Im just fully aware of how great I am. Like, seriously, Im awesome and I dont just mean my looks. Yeah, Im cute but I have so much more to offer. Well, I love my cuteness because people see how you look before they see what you have to offer so maybe I do rely on my looks a bit. I just might be a tad vain but today that all changed. I woke up this morning like I do every other day at 5 o' clock. Before I go to bed I always put the T.V. on Disney Channel so I can watch Lilo and Stich when I wake up. The radio was on too playing Trading Places by Usher, such a hot song. I was sitting in bed trying to decide if I should turn up the Lilo and Stich theme song or Trading Places. I decided to do neither and turned them both off. Then I got up and turned on the light. I felt like taking a bubble bath in the dark (dont ask why) so I left the bathroom light off and set the tub faucets, the hot water running a little harder than the cold. I took of my Pokemon PJs and I saw the strangest reflection of my back in the mirror before the bathroom. I seemed to have grown wings overnight...only God could tell you what I did next. Well, I could tell you too but I dont want to. Maybe next time..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Change Is Here (YES, WE DID!)

(~Obama made this quote his own~)Change used to be just a word said to take up some space in someones speech. Change used to be just a word that was said to show that someone had a "plan". Change used to be something that we thought would come but "knew" would never happen. Well you know what, change has come. Tell me? Our last 43 presidents had something in common didn't they? You know what it was? NONE OF THEM WERE BLACK. NONE OF THEM WERE EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO BEING BLACK. Obama, our 44th president is. I dont care if they wanna say he's bi-racial, half white, half black, half cockerspaniel. HE IS A BLACK MAN no matter which was you wanna turn it and divide it and try to add all these physcological reasons why he cant be noted as "full black". Whatever. Before he won the election, he was sooo black but now after he won they wanna say "Americas first half black president" No. Just simply, Americas first black president. Not only has Obama brought change, he is change and thank God for him. If McCain would have been elected into office we might as well have just given Bush a 3rd term. When you really cut down the excess McCain and Bush are the same person with the same crappy plan to "save the country" I wanna know how the hell youre gonna save the country when you wana go to war with everyother country. Just line us all up against the wall and kill us execution style. Less money and less work. Arg...ANYWAY, if you couldnt tell Im REALLY GLAD Obama won. I might not have experienced what all the other presidents made the country like but Ive read enough books to come to the conclusion that the change we have now is gonna blow them all away and give us Americans something to be proud of. Land of the free and home of the brave, whos really proud to be an American now?

You Cant Say Oops After Getting Pregnant~

No one is “pro-abortion,” but people do consider themselves either pro-choice or pro-life. One side believes that when a woman becomes pregnant, it’s her right to decide if having an abortion is an option for her. The other side believes the action is clear, she should give birth to a child. No matter which side you stand on, the discovery of an unplanned pregnancy is a life-altering event. When two of my older cousins best friends became pregnant at the same time, their decisions changed their lives forever. (I did not recieve all the information I'm gonna tell you now from eavesdropping. Faith and Mia are acutally my friends too and they didnt mind me sharing this information with you now, so...yeah. Continue reading.)
Faith was on birth control when she discovered that she was pregnant. Although she had been dating her boyfriend for close to two years, being only 19 years-old, she wasn’t sure she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, let alone have a child with him. “I just started college, I’m just starting my life,” she sobbed over the phone to me, well to my cousin “I can’t even afford my phone bills each month, how am I supposed to afford a child?” Faith came to the conclusion that having a child at this stage in her life wasn’t right for her. A year later her relationship fizzled, and she moved out-of-state to attend grad school. While none of us ever speak of the abortion, Faith has since expressed joy about the freedom her life allows her, being able to create something of herself before she creates new life.
Mia and Seth had been dating for close to five years when, just two weeks shy of her24th birthday, Mia found out she was pregnant. “I know that I want him to be the father of my child,” she confided in me, again, to my cousin really “but I don’t know that we’re ready for children. We’re still so young!” Although Mia was scared to tell Seth that she was pregnant, to her surprise he wasn’t upset. Both of them agreed that raising a child at their age, and on their limited income, would be a challenge, but that it was one they were ultimately excited about. They’re currently struggling to make ends meet, but both have expressed that they couldn’t be happier. Next month is their son’s second birthday.
Neither one of these girls (woman, ladies) regret their decision. Both feel that their choice has helped shape their life for the better. It’s a choice that three million women make each year, resulting in different decisions. While it’s not for me to say who’s right or who’s wrong, I’m just gonna say that I believe everyone should have a right in what they do BUT again if you dont want to have children, you know what you have to do to prevent that. Its like if you dont want something warmed dont put it in the microwave. Its just that simple. People these days are really acting like they have no common sense whatsoever and the result of their not-so-smart decisions are affecting everyone. C'mon people, think before you do. Watch what you say, be careful what you wish for and you only reep what you sow. (YES, I did just put a whole bunch of sayings together but they all make sense and everyone should at least try to listen to them)
That was a very random and out of no where post but its interesting isnt it?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are you smarter than an alligator?

OMG! OMG! OMG! So, its 10:31 pm, I still have math homework to do, Im as tired as...well, Im REALLY tired. I took the New York Specialized High school Exam on Saturday and I kicked butt...the test kicked my butt really. The test was soooo flippin hard it was crazy. If I hadnt studied by myself and with my close friends I would have been a goner. I mean, that test could make the smartest straightest A student feel like a complete idiot. Maybe, it was jsut because I wasnt taught the stuff on the test yet why it felt so hard to me but whatever, that test was HARD and there were so many people there. You really could have gotten lost in the crowd. The sad thing is not even half of the kids that apply to the school they want to go to are gonna be accepted there. Poor children. Its so sad...tisk-tisk-tisk *shakes head from side to side* Such a shame...I on the other hand will be accepted to EVERY school and all the schools in New York City are gonna break out in a nuclear war over who gets me. HAHA! Im kidding, Im not really that conceited...not really...ANYWAY! Today, I took the Bard High School Early College test and it was grrrreeeeaaaattttt. Only 24 Math questions, grade 9 and 1 two page long essay that we had to write 2 essays about. Piece of pie. Unknown vioce:*whispers* Piece of cake. Yeah, yeah. Whatever, piece of cake. I know I aced those math questions and if youve read my blog, I can write.(Again, Im not conceited. Just proud.) So, yeah. Now Im just waiting for my call back for an interview at Bard and lets just hope for the best, si? Yeah, si. (Who says yeah, yes?)....Whatever, I can say whatever I want cuz Im a vampire but dont tell anybody. Its our little secret. Shhhh!!!! (Can you really yell, shhhh?) OMG! WHATEVER! lol

Saturday, October 18, 2008


And so the lights are dim
But she didnt need light to feel his fangs sinking into her skin
It was a feeling of pleasure, A feeling of sin
A feeling of strangely knowing this is how it begins
She wakes up thirsty, her eyes shot red
She remembers the eerie absence of being in her own bed
She tries to sit up but the world spins
Fire shoots through her veins
Everything becomes blurred
Someone walks in "Whos there?"
Her words are shaky and slurred
He walks over, his golden eyes glistening and kisses her cheek
Shes confused. She wants to be furious but feels so weak
Once more she beings to speak..."Who are you? Why are you here?"
He answers, "My child, I am the one whos made you great. Im the one that sealed your fate."
"I dont understand. What do you want with me? Who are you? What are you?"
He laughs "No my dear. The question is really, who are we?"
He leans down and kisses her lips
Then takes out a little blade and slits his wrists
He brings them to her mouth and she automatcially sips
"There, go on and drink. So beautiful, just so beautiful"
He whispers into her ear, so soft and so true
She tries to fight against herself but theres nothing she can do
She knows what she is, she knows that shes his
But this IS what she wanted, every since she was a kid
To be part of the night walkers
The dark stalkers, Blood markers
And now she was
He pulled his wrist away
And wiped the blood from her mouth
"We are vampires but blood is not all our life is about,
it will take time for you to figure it all out but Im here to teach
and love you. To watch and protect you. I will never let you fall
and whenever you need me you wont even have to call, because
I will already be there. Understood?"
She started into his eys
No, he just met me. He cant be telling the truth
He kissed her once more and in that kiss was proof
She looked across the room and stared into the glass
There she did not see the same girl she saw in the mirror
In the past
She stared at the beautiful creature
And then turned to her new teacher and
In such simple words said, "Im scared"
He asked "Of what?"
She replied, "Myself"
He told her, "Beauty and power is not something to be feared"


Monday, October 13, 2008

Black Education

This whole damn system is corrupt
Gettin bad grades and they tell us to keep it up
Keep them down, Yeah. Thats whats up
Put em in a crib and put some hennesey in a sippie cup
Come on now kids, we can blame it all on whitey
Hes the man that we all made mighty
Gave him so much power and we take it so lightly
And we really wonderin why we cant make it
Teachers keepin us down and we sit there and take it
Theres alot more than 2 plus 2 equals 4
And gravity bein "Everythings pulled to the Earths core"
Why wont they teach us about slavery?
And how many peoples lives were taken daily?
Cuz they scared that we'll learn about our past
And go by them so fast, they wont see us pass
And we're gonna sit back and laugh
Thinkin how great it is that we made it this far
And thinkin how soon we'll all be in cars
Cars with the spider seats and suicide doors
Instead becoming bums and cute street whores
I can be whatever I wanna be
A hot college graduated rapper with a PHD
Livin the sweet life, always a V.I.P
At this very second, this is what Im feeling
And in this very age this is what kids are dealing
We all need to learn and represent
And leavin those haters with emails to be resent
Now maybe what these sentences say arent exactly said
how they were supposed to be meant
And maybe all the rules of proper structure have been bent
But Im tellin you honestly, I DONT CARE
Now Im gonna go back and do some serious thinking
In my secret lair
HAHAHA, yeah. Im crazy, Im insane
But its ok, Im still gettin As...most of the time at least

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Everytime You Eat An Apple Think Of This Little Girl, She Might Have Picked It

Hi, my name is Sasha. I work with mymy younger brother in a farm field a long way from my house. The little girl that lives across the street goes to a large school two blocks of our house. Sometimes when I am working I dream about putting on a blue skirt and white shirt like the girl wears and going to the store with my mother to buy books and pencils for me and Mikey. I cant stop working too long, because then I will be in big trobule. I hate working on the farm. I work for a long time everyday and at night my back hurts so much. I know Mickey hurts too because sometimes he cries and climbs into bed with me. I always tell him it will be alright but sometimes Im not sure. We get paid so little and work so hard, I dont know how it'll ever be ok. I often ask momma why me and Mickey have to work and she tells me so we can live. I dont understand but I pretend like I do because I think its makes momma happy. It would make me happy if me and Mickey didnt have to work so much but I love momma and papi so I try not to cry. I have a few friends that also work on the farm but I wish all of us could go to school so we can learn and play together. I hope my wish comes true. Momma tells me to pray but sometimes when I am praying I start ti cry and so does Micky so I stop. I pray now though that everything will work out soon. I hope someone will come and help us all. My name is Sasha and I work on a farm.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I love Anime. I read it, I watch it, I draw it, I support it. One of my favorite Animes is Naruto. Awesome awesome show and this is my favorite couple on the show. Well, theyre not really a couple but I think they should be. Do some research on the show and youll see why Sasuke and Sakura ares so perfect for each other. This video will probably make you want to watch the show and you WILL become addicted so, you know, beware. *wink*
(A note about the little subtitle that says "A Magicsabrin0 First" in the beginning title credits thing. Magicsabrin0 is my youtube account. I posted this video on youtube also, so feel free to look it up.)

And yes, I did make this video. I hope you enjoy it~
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A Post About Sexuality. "Dont be scared, Im straight!"

Alright, I want to get straight to the point(-straight to the point- Ha. Pun not intended). Why is the worlds view of sexuality Homosexual Vs. Heterosexual? Why is it normal to be straight? Why are people offended by gay people? Why is it okay for girls to make out with each other but a man cant walk down the street holding another mans hand without being jumped and queerbashed? I dont really know the answers but this is what Ive realized. Heterosexual individuals tend to have divergent feelings about homosexuality when its involving people of their same gender versus the opposite gender. Whenever there are two women passionately kissing each other, seemingly for the attention of their male counterparts, at a bar or party, their actions tend to be met with the “woo-hoo’s” and deafening clapping of the excited straight men who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse. Essentially, girl-on-girl (often alcohol-induced) make out sessions are encouraged by straight men, which might explain why female bisexuality is now practically assumed these days. For a girl to be bisexual, it’s generally thought of as “hot,” considering many men obviously love it. And why wouldn’t they? It’s the best of both worlds to be able to watch the action and still have the prospect of being a part of it. According to Vanessa Burton of, men are into two women together because a) they don’t have to waste energy getting involved but are turned on, b) women are soft, and c) it’s “every man’s fantasy.” Basically, men are turned on by the same sex ideas, but are comforted by the heterosexual side of the woman.
And straight women are often reassured by the fact that these bi women can still talk to them about “boy problems” and are therefore able ignore the homosexual actions if they chose to do so. Perhaps that’s why female bisexuality is assumed to be more prevalent. In a recent survey from the Center for Disease Control, 11. 5 percent of women ages 18 to 44, said that had a least one sexual encounter with another woman, as reported by “Researchers say it’s unclear whether the figure for men was lower because they’re are more likely to avoid same-sex experiences or whether they’re not reporting them,” the article asserted, which cited that only 6.2 percent of men in the same age bracket in the CDC study had same-sex experiences. Whether or not more bisexual females as opposed to males exist is still blurred by the fact that more people accept it and therefore, bi women might be more open about their orientation than bi men, who aren’t exactly welcomed with the open arms of society. “There’s a certain higher level of discrimination (for men),” Kat Fowler, an art student at the University of Florida explained to MSNBC. “It’s a lot easier for women to have these kinds of experiences and be open about it because it’s more accepted.”
Obviously, there is some inequality when it comes to the relationship between gender and sexual orientation and it all largely stems from the gender roles men and women have been struggling with for years now, whether we’re adhering to them or breaking them. But what we need to break out of is these assumptions in the first place—the assumptions of what it means to be a man or a woman, the assumptions that gay men all love shopping and that all gay women hate it. Besides, not all straight people are alike… so why would any other group of people who happen to share the same sexual orientation be?

How can you?

How do you trust someone when theyre always telling lies?
How do you trust someone when they always make you cry?
How do you trust someone when they say theyll ride and die but this whole time going theyve been riding by?
How do you trust someone when they make you do wrong?
How do you trust someone who hasnt been faithful for so long?
How can you trust someone thats made your life so hard?
How can you love someone whos left your heart so torn and scarred?
How can you love someone whos tresspassed and entered your life but turned around and locked you out?
How can you love someone who doesnt understand what loves about?
How can you love someone who tries to take control of your mind?
How can you love someone that hurts you and doesnt mind?
How can you love someone whos not of your kind but understands what its like to be abandoned and blind?
How can you love someone who makes you cry rivers for Poseidon and stands there beside him watchin the waters risin and while youre standin and prayin, theyre sittin and playin almost as if youll be ok and chime in to the laughter when the question is what are they really after?
Forgive and forget
Forgive and regret
Ready, go set
You just took a misstep
Mistakes, mis-takes
Murders, he raped
My heart, Its apart
Oh well, restart
Is love and trust the same thing?
For both, your heart is what you bring
Its always about a heart link
Im still not sure, what do you think?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cleaning Your Room Aint Nothin Compared To This

Another post, YAY! Okee, I usually do blogs that a pretty much a general message and sometimes my blogs have no point and are really nothing besides random ranting but this blog actually has a purpose and Im kinda directing this to the kids out there. Alrite, you know how we all -kids and teenagers alike- complain about the choirs we have to do like washing dishes, sweeping the kitchen, making the beds and stuff along those lines well theres kids in Africa, younger than the children that appear on Barney, mining and messing around with Mercury. Poor youngins dont even get to go to school and get a decent education. Everyday theyre forced to go work knowing that they wont be paid anything really that great but they go anyway and get whatever little they can to support their family. This is one of those situations that no matter what angle you look at it, its wrong. Now, someone could say "well at least they get paid. I make the beds everyday and dont get paid." Besides wanting to go back to sleep making the bed poses you no physical threat. Mercury on the other hand, does. Many children and people in general who are exposed to Mercury, exposure to even small amounts of mercury over a long period may cause negative health effects including damage to the brain, kidney, lungs, and a developing fetus. Brief contact with high levels of mercury can cause immediate health effects including loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, and changes in behavior or personality. Depending on the length or degree of exposure, additional symptoms such as nausea, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, eye irritation, weight loss, skin rashes, and muscle tremors may occur. That doesnt sound very pretty does it? If it does then youre sick. Now I can bet you a thousand dollars of my own money that you cant find ANYWHERE where it says that making your bed or cleaning your room causes any of those health defects. Well maybe you might get a rash amd catch an asthma attack if your room is dusty but thats your own fault for letting your room even get to that state isnt it? Yes, it is.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Can you really stay friends after a bad breakup?

I know most of you are saying NO but…in reality its possible…

It all just deals with the type of person you are, how long the two of you were together for, the reason for the breakup, and of course (the biggie), how mad you are at the other person. For instance, if you’re a pretty mellow, laid-back person that just goes with the fl…ow, then the majority of the time you’ll be able to stay friends with your exes, as you probably already are and don’t even realize it.

On the other hand, if you’re a person who hangs on to the past like clinging to a thin piece of thread over a endless black pit of doom, and you take your life entirely too seriously, then you most likely have your exes on a hit-list. My advice to these people is to stop taking life too seriously; it’s for your own good. It’ll help your stability, mood, outlook, and all in all, your all-around mental health. As far as the whole “how long the relationship lasted thing”, if you were together for a long period of time (such as about two years), then the both of you probably have really deep-seeded grudges against each other, mostly because there were feelings involved and the reason you broke up is really messed up. But if you were only together for a few months (short term), then you really weren’t together long enough for hardcore feelings to be involved. So, you’re able to get over the relationship a lot quicker than you would in other instances. And if there were feelings involved, then they weren’t hardcore feelings or you had a really good relationship that was mainly on a friendship level besides for the reason you broke up. That’s good because, in all reality, a good partner is not only your partner, but your friend.

The reason for the break up plays a major role in the whole thing, of course. If it was something such as too much fighting or just a lack of feelings, you might still find yourself as friends later on down the line. Of course, you’re going to avoid each other for a while but, later on down the line, you will find yourselves as friends. The same thing generally goes for the relationships that ended because of one incident (if the relationship was good all except for one bad phone call or something along those lines–the two of you will find yourselves as really good friends later on down the line.

As for the relationships that ended because the other person backstabbed you and betrayed your trust in every way possible, there is almost no chance of a friendship. Okay, let me rephrase that, there is NO-POSSIBLE-CHANCE of ever having friendship. (or maybe there is…)So, for all you people who are waiting for that one ex to give in and be your friend, you might as well give it up because it’s not happening. Another thing that plays a major role is, of course, how deep your anger is for the other person. If you expected it all to happen, then you probably aren’t that angry. If you didn’t really have feelings for the person then your anger is on a very low content level. If you were naive and thought it would never happen to you, then you most likely sit in your room and picture their head mounted on your wall like a trophy. For the relationships that actually do break up on mutual terms (which very rarely happens) you most likely had a friendship beforehand and realized that everything was better that way.

Honestly, if you were friends with someone before and then decided to be a couple, you should’ve talked about the possibilities of what would happen after you broke up. If you and this persons loved each other in the beginning of time as friends, there really should be no problem befriending each other all over again. Main points, try to be friends with someone before you try getting involved into anything else AND if you were friends before and there was a break-up, be the bigger person and talk to this person about returning to your original state of friendship. I think friends rule over lovers, so don’t ever let the whole attraction phase get in the way of what could and was something greater than anything…friendship.


I’ll always love ^you….

[I was watching the Muary show and Dr.Phil all vacation. Thats how i got the whole Friends Vs. Lovers thing. Oh and the thing with going out with your friends ex…..thats gonna be a fun topic but I dont wanna write about it yet….I need some ideas ^_^]

(These are the strongest words in Man’s vocabulary. Use them sparingly….)

Rainy Days

Things seem so far ahead

You try to undo what you said
You’d reach high but its to far to go
You go to your limits, your own mountain summit
What you must overcome all the things you left undone
That one person on which you depend
The darkness is now your only friend.
You reach higher and put the sun away
Keeping it in your pocket for a rainy day

Monday, September 8, 2008

What?!? You have a talent???? No way! Me too!

Some people are gymnast, some people are composers, some people are artist but even if youre none of those things you probably still have a really unique talent. Im not God or anything but I know for sure that you have a talent. EVERYBODY has a talent. I swear, when youre born theres a little piece of paper that the doctors give your parents saying a guaranteed refund if you dont have a talent. All right, fine. Thats a lie. Well, who knows? It could be true. I dont know but whatever. Anyway, main point. Everyone has a talent. Yeah, I have a talent too. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I have a few. One of them is drawing ( Well, I wont even say talent. I'll just say its something I can do well. Some other stuff I can do is...wait, no nevermind. My TALENTS are gymnastics, writing (BLOG! HA!), drawing and...some other weird stuff. Weird stuff as in unwrapping starburst with my tongue and turning stones into weapons. You know, just stuff along those lines. I'll try to do a videotape of my gymnastics "skills" later on. Gotta go stretch and stuff so I"ll be back later with that video.

Still trying to obtain some sort of sanity,

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hey Blogger! Nice to meet you.

HEY EVERYONE!!! As you probably see Im on a new site! Blogger! Edublogs doesnt seem to like me anymore and wont let me log on so I moved out. You can still read my olds blogs on but to get the newer updated stuff come and visit me here. You know what, to make it easier for you (my loyal fans that I love so dearly) Im gonna copy and past all -well most...the best and the fav ones- of my older blogs so you can get it all here on "Sabrina Exclusive ~Still 188s best blog"  Yeah, so thanks for the support and all that nice junk and I'll write some more stuff later. 

           Trying to remain sane,