Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cleaning Your Room Aint Nothin Compared To This

Another post, YAY! Okee, I usually do blogs that a pretty much a general message and sometimes my blogs have no point and are really nothing besides random ranting but this blog actually has a purpose and Im kinda directing this to the kids out there. Alrite, you know how we all -kids and teenagers alike- complain about the choirs we have to do like washing dishes, sweeping the kitchen, making the beds and stuff along those lines well theres kids in Africa, younger than the children that appear on Barney, mining and messing around with Mercury. Poor youngins dont even get to go to school and get a decent education. Everyday theyre forced to go work knowing that they wont be paid anything really that great but they go anyway and get whatever little they can to support their family. This is one of those situations that no matter what angle you look at it, its wrong. Now, someone could say "well at least they get paid. I make the beds everyday and dont get paid." Besides wanting to go back to sleep making the bed poses you no physical threat. Mercury on the other hand, does. Many children and people in general who are exposed to Mercury, exposure to even small amounts of mercury over a long period may cause negative health effects including damage to the brain, kidney, lungs, and a developing fetus. Brief contact with high levels of mercury can cause immediate health effects including loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, and changes in behavior or personality. Depending on the length or degree of exposure, additional symptoms such as nausea, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, eye irritation, weight loss, skin rashes, and muscle tremors may occur. That doesnt sound very pretty does it? If it does then youre sick. Now I can bet you a thousand dollars of my own money that you cant find ANYWHERE where it says that making your bed or cleaning your room causes any of those health defects. Well maybe you might get a rash amd catch an asthma attack if your room is dusty but thats your own fault for letting your room even get to that state isnt it? Yes, it is.


MrSullivan said...

Very good job, Sabrina! We often get upset about our chores and school, but that's nothing compared to what children around the world have to do - you point that out very well. And imagine, making very little while mining for gold! Gold! Should those who have the money and power enough to buy gold make sure that they aren't contributing to the suffering of these child miners?