Monday, September 8, 2008

What?!? You have a talent???? No way! Me too!

Some people are gymnast, some people are composers, some people are artist but even if youre none of those things you probably still have a really unique talent. Im not God or anything but I know for sure that you have a talent. EVERYBODY has a talent. I swear, when youre born theres a little piece of paper that the doctors give your parents saying a guaranteed refund if you dont have a talent. All right, fine. Thats a lie. Well, who knows? It could be true. I dont know but whatever. Anyway, main point. Everyone has a talent. Yeah, I have a talent too. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I have a few. One of them is drawing ( Well, I wont even say talent. I'll just say its something I can do well. Some other stuff I can do is...wait, no nevermind. My TALENTS are gymnastics, writing (BLOG! HA!), drawing and...some other weird stuff. Weird stuff as in unwrapping starburst with my tongue and turning stones into weapons. You know, just stuff along those lines. I'll try to do a videotape of my gymnastics "skills" later on. Gotta go stretch and stuff so I"ll be back later with that video.

Still trying to obtain some sort of sanity,


marina said...

OOoooooo u kno how to do gymnasticss??? u gotta show me sometime... =D