Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My friends think Im concieted but Im really not. Im just fully aware of how great I am. Like, seriously, Im awesome and I dont just mean my looks. Yeah, Im cute but I have so much more to offer. Well, I love my cuteness because people see how you look before they see what you have to offer so maybe I do rely on my looks a bit. I just might be a tad vain but today that all changed. I woke up this morning like I do every other day at 5 o' clock. Before I go to bed I always put the T.V. on Disney Channel so I can watch Lilo and Stich when I wake up. The radio was on too playing Trading Places by Usher, such a hot song. I was sitting in bed trying to decide if I should turn up the Lilo and Stich theme song or Trading Places. I decided to do neither and turned them both off. Then I got up and turned on the light. I felt like taking a bubble bath in the dark (dont ask why) so I left the bathroom light off and set the tub faucets, the hot water running a little harder than the cold. I took of my Pokemon PJs and I saw the strangest reflection of my back in the mirror before the bathroom. I seemed to have grown wings overnight...only God could tell you what I did next. Well, I could tell you too but I dont want to. Maybe next time..