Monday, November 10, 2008

Change Is Here (YES, WE DID!)

(~Obama made this quote his own~)Change used to be just a word said to take up some space in someones speech. Change used to be just a word that was said to show that someone had a "plan". Change used to be something that we thought would come but "knew" would never happen. Well you know what, change has come. Tell me? Our last 43 presidents had something in common didn't they? You know what it was? NONE OF THEM WERE BLACK. NONE OF THEM WERE EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO BEING BLACK. Obama, our 44th president is. I dont care if they wanna say he's bi-racial, half white, half black, half cockerspaniel. HE IS A BLACK MAN no matter which was you wanna turn it and divide it and try to add all these physcological reasons why he cant be noted as "full black". Whatever. Before he won the election, he was sooo black but now after he won they wanna say "Americas first half black president" No. Just simply, Americas first black president. Not only has Obama brought change, he is change and thank God for him. If McCain would have been elected into office we might as well have just given Bush a 3rd term. When you really cut down the excess McCain and Bush are the same person with the same crappy plan to "save the country" I wanna know how the hell youre gonna save the country when you wana go to war with everyother country. Just line us all up against the wall and kill us execution style. Less money and less work. Arg...ANYWAY, if you couldnt tell Im REALLY GLAD Obama won. I might not have experienced what all the other presidents made the country like but Ive read enough books to come to the conclusion that the change we have now is gonna blow them all away and give us Americans something to be proud of. Land of the free and home of the brave, whos really proud to be an American now?