Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I love Anime. I read it, I watch it, I draw it, I support it. One of my favorite Animes is Naruto. Awesome awesome show and this is my favorite couple on the show. Well, theyre not really a couple but I think they should be. Do some research on the show and youll see why Sasuke and Sakura ares so perfect for each other. This video will probably make you want to watch the show and you WILL become addicted so, you know, beware. *wink*
(A note about the little subtitle that says "A Magicsabrin0 First" in the beginning title credits thing. Magicsabrin0 is my youtube account. I posted this video on youtube also, so feel free to look it up.)

And yes, I did make this video. I hope you enjoy it~
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lahana said...

OMG the video is very professional and moves at a perfect pace. What did you use to create it?