Thursday, October 9, 2008

Everytime You Eat An Apple Think Of This Little Girl, She Might Have Picked It

Hi, my name is Sasha. I work with mymy younger brother in a farm field a long way from my house. The little girl that lives across the street goes to a large school two blocks of our house. Sometimes when I am working I dream about putting on a blue skirt and white shirt like the girl wears and going to the store with my mother to buy books and pencils for me and Mikey. I cant stop working too long, because then I will be in big trobule. I hate working on the farm. I work for a long time everyday and at night my back hurts so much. I know Mickey hurts too because sometimes he cries and climbs into bed with me. I always tell him it will be alright but sometimes Im not sure. We get paid so little and work so hard, I dont know how it'll ever be ok. I often ask momma why me and Mickey have to work and she tells me so we can live. I dont understand but I pretend like I do because I think its makes momma happy. It would make me happy if me and Mickey didnt have to work so much but I love momma and papi so I try not to cry. I have a few friends that also work on the farm but I wish all of us could go to school so we can learn and play together. I hope my wish comes true. Momma tells me to pray but sometimes when I am praying I start ti cry and so does Micky so I stop. I pray now though that everything will work out soon. I hope someone will come and help us all. My name is Sasha and I work on a farm.


MrSullivan said...

Sabrina, excellent, excellent posts! You do a great job putting yourself into the shoes of these workers, and I like your title a lot! We should always ask ourselves where our food, jewelery, clothing, etc came from and if anyone was hurt in its production - after all, when we buy it, we're saying that it's okay if others were taken advantage of while making it.