Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are you smarter than an alligator?

OMG! OMG! OMG! So, its 10:31 pm, I still have math homework to do, Im as tired as...well, Im REALLY tired. I took the New York Specialized High school Exam on Saturday and I kicked butt...the test kicked my butt really. The test was soooo flippin hard it was crazy. If I hadnt studied by myself and with my close friends I would have been a goner. I mean, that test could make the smartest straightest A student feel like a complete idiot. Maybe, it was jsut because I wasnt taught the stuff on the test yet why it felt so hard to me but whatever, that test was HARD and there were so many people there. You really could have gotten lost in the crowd. The sad thing is not even half of the kids that apply to the school they want to go to are gonna be accepted there. Poor children. Its so sad...tisk-tisk-tisk *shakes head from side to side* Such a shame...I on the other hand will be accepted to EVERY school and all the schools in New York City are gonna break out in a nuclear war over who gets me. HAHA! Im kidding, Im not really that conceited...not really...ANYWAY! Today, I took the Bard High School Early College test and it was grrrreeeeaaaattttt. Only 24 Math questions, grade 9 and 1 two page long essay that we had to write 2 essays about. Piece of pie. Unknown vioce:*whispers* Piece of cake. Yeah, yeah. Whatever, piece of cake. I know I aced those math questions and if youve read my blog, I can write.(Again, Im not conceited. Just proud.) So, yeah. Now Im just waiting for my call back for an interview at Bard and lets just hope for the best, si? Yeah, si. (Who says yeah, yes?)....Whatever, I can say whatever I want cuz Im a vampire but dont tell anybody. Its our little secret. Shhhh!!!! (Can you really yell, shhhh?) OMG! WHATEVER! lol