Monday, October 13, 2008

Black Education

This whole damn system is corrupt
Gettin bad grades and they tell us to keep it up
Keep them down, Yeah. Thats whats up
Put em in a crib and put some hennesey in a sippie cup
Come on now kids, we can blame it all on whitey
Hes the man that we all made mighty
Gave him so much power and we take it so lightly
And we really wonderin why we cant make it
Teachers keepin us down and we sit there and take it
Theres alot more than 2 plus 2 equals 4
And gravity bein "Everythings pulled to the Earths core"
Why wont they teach us about slavery?
And how many peoples lives were taken daily?
Cuz they scared that we'll learn about our past
And go by them so fast, they wont see us pass
And we're gonna sit back and laugh
Thinkin how great it is that we made it this far
And thinkin how soon we'll all be in cars
Cars with the spider seats and suicide doors
Instead becoming bums and cute street whores
I can be whatever I wanna be
A hot college graduated rapper with a PHD
Livin the sweet life, always a V.I.P
At this very second, this is what Im feeling
And in this very age this is what kids are dealing
We all need to learn and represent
And leavin those haters with emails to be resent
Now maybe what these sentences say arent exactly said
how they were supposed to be meant
And maybe all the rules of proper structure have been bent
But Im tellin you honestly, I DONT CARE
Now Im gonna go back and do some serious thinking
In my secret lair
HAHAHA, yeah. Im crazy, Im insane
But its ok, Im still gettin As...most of the time at least