Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Animal Cruelty Is Wrong No Matter Which Way You Turn It

Just because youre a useless piece of trash doesn't mean you should treat animals cruelly. Okay, so that opening statement may sound mean but thats my whole view on animal abuse. Now I believe that abuse can be broken up into to three main terms that can be broken down even more but the main three are Neglect, Punishment and just plain Cruelty. Some people that abuse their animals dont even realize that they are doing it. They either just dont care or are too busy to realize. The ones that dont care will do things like see the empty water bowl before they leave the house at 8 in the morning, look at the faucet, think about filling up the bowl but decide Mr.Fluffles can wait until later knowing that they wont be back until 10. Oh well, right? No, abuse. Then theres Mrs.Businesswoman who has a meeting at 11, its 10:30 now and itll be a 40 minute drive. She runs out the door, jumps into the car, heads to work and half way there she realizes "I didnt feed Simon (the dog)".........."Damn!, fourth time this week." Abuse. Next we have Mr. Strangeman who lives with his three dogs, Pookie, Smiles and Trix. Trix had an accident on the carpet so he beat her. Pookie tried to run after a squirrel during a walk so poor Pookie got beat. Mr. Strangeman wanted Smiles to come to him so he yelled "Smiles!". Smiles didnt come. He called four more times and Smiles didnt get up so he walked over to where Smiles was and beat him. Nothing wrong with that right? He was being disobediant. No. Again, abuse. Now to our last form of abuse, the one where my beginning statement is directed to, just plain Cruelty. Im gonna give the most common and sickest kind of abuse. Dog fighting. Forget the whole min skit thing. These sick cruel malicious people train their dogs to fight. They hurt them so they become tough. They put them against other dogs and have them fight to the death. I shouldnt even have to ask if this is wrong because if you think its acceptable youre just as sick as they are. So Ive pretty much covered the bases on the different kinds of animal cruelty but what I didnt talk about is overpopulation. Alot of people dont realize how important it is to get their pets spayed and neutered. It prevents homeless pets and innocent animals getting into evil hands. You spay and neuter your pet and youll be saving alot of animals that could potentially be hurt in the future. Oh, just a little reminder. Dogs are not the only pets that get abused. Please remember to spay and neuter your pets. Ive said it like 3 times but I know how you people dont listen so just once more for the sake of the animals. Ill even say it slowly, P-L-E-A-S-E/S-P-A-Y/A-N-D/N-E-U-T-E-R /Y-O-U-R /P-E-T-S. Got it? Good. And Im serious. If you havent done it yet go do Like right now. Save The Animals.

For more information on animal abuse and how you can stop it visit
and theres even more info all over the net so do some research. One click, one life. Thats all it is.

To help an animal that may have been abused before go and take a trip to your local pet shop or shelter. You just might be saving yourself too.
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goldiemary said...

I look forward to reading your blog. The opening statement is awesome and powerful. You've got strong opinions and you express them forcefully. I should really figure out how to subscribe to your blog.

lahana said...

Boy, you've done a bang up job on this one. You managed to artfully tease out the various personalities responsible for abuse and explain why each of them is wrong. I hope a lot of people read this post.

Anonymous said...

omg! i hop animal abusage stops. great writing sabrina.i hope other people can understand how animal abusage is wrong. -anonymous,11