Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Save The Animals (Part Two)

Many vegetarians are vegetarian because they dont believe in eating animals that have been killed. Alot of vegetarians became non meat eaters because they found out how many of the meat products that were alive animals before were treated horribly in the factory. The animals were mass produced by being fed hormones to make them give birth and grow faster and thicker. Now the point Im getting at is there are factories call puppy mills that do basically the same thing. They breed a whole bunch of animals only to treat them terribly and then sell them to big name pet stores (PetLand Discounts) who probably dont give a crap about the animals either. Well if they dont care about the animals why should we care about their business going under. Stop buying from pet stores that get their animals from puppymills. Vist your local animal shelter and adopt a pet. Youll be saving a life.


lahana said...

...very succinct and smart. I like your comparison to factory farms. I wonder if a Petland protest would work?