Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Apologies

Hey everyone! Hows it going, hows it been? Hopefully all is well. Okay so this is my apology post to all my last year supporters. You guys are probably a little disappointed with my lack of post this year and though Im not a people pleaser Im really gonna try to work on it cuz its kinda making me a bit sad too. What Im asking you lovely peoples to do is send me any topic that you want to hear me rant about. I mean, ANYTHING. Nothing here will be uncensored...I dont really mean that, Ive just always wanted to say that.....So yeah, if youre an AIMer, IM me your topic or you probably have an email so email me. The contact info is below know what to do~

AIM: christinablina
Number: Ha ha, Im lying. Im not putting my number here.


jennifer salas said...

i think that you should rant about God. talk about him.