Monday, May 4, 2009

Teletubies Vs. Boobah

Yeah, so Ive been obssesing over this for the past few days. You know how there are reality shows that just copy other reality shows and 6 soap operas that are exactly the same but with different actors? Well they do that with kids shows too. I am not embarrasesd to say this at all, I spend most of my free time watching PBS and PLayhouse disney and all those other channels for the young ones. Now my problem is that one of my past favorites, Teletubies was copied by this thing, Boobah. Honestly I have no idea where they got a name like that. Boobah...I just dont get it. Theyre such copy cats. Boobah characters; They are all different colors, they dont talk, they dance constantly....what does that remind you of.....TELETUBIES! I cant believe the shows creator had the audacity to sit there and remake Teletubies. Most people say its just the chinese version but what 6 year old is concerned with race. What 6 year child tells their mother "This show isnt chinese enough for me to watch." Nothing said is about being racist, Im not even trying to make a "racial statement". What my problem is that they copied Teletubies and Im mad. I hope Boobah looses all their viewers and is canceled or put on some remote channel. (They scare me......Im serious, I really am afraid of them. Especially the yellowish one.)

[ Oh Digimon and Pokemon are the exact same thing just so you know...I love both of them though. Gotta catch 'em all!]


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