Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nothings Wrong With Revenge

You know what one of the saddest things is? When people dont realize what other people are capable of? They just keep pushing them and pushing them...and you know what? One day that kid is gonna lose it. Theyre just gonna be so tired and so finished that theyre gonna lose it and the good thing is with people like me who only go after the ones that deserve it...the ones that deserve it never see it coming because why? They underestimated the amount of bull that kid was gonna take so they think, "Oh, one more time isnt gonna hurt. This kid isnt gonna do anything." And by the time they finish that thought, theres already a bullet hole in the back of their head. Now, Im not promoting or encouraging violence but I'm a BIG believer in revenge. Being part of a Jamaican family, I was brought up in a mostly christian environment because...well, besides Rastarianism, christianity is really the main religion and Ive always been told, "God will take care of things." or "Every dog has their day and every puss has its 4 o'clock" and all thats good and well but honestly I dont think theres anything better than a little mortal revenge. Karma is great. God is great but mortal revenge is just so...sweet. Yeah, there's consequences but...its just too sweet. Consquences are what make life great anyway. Being in the wiccan religion also, they have a saying "What thou do to onto thee, will come back to thou art, three times three" which I guess I should follow. But like I said, nothing is as sweet as mortal revenge. I like my revenge to be surprising and sutle. Im not the one to come to school with an Ak tuked away into the front of my pants. No real satisfaction would come out of that but you know your favorite American Eagle sweater? The really expensive one? Yeah, the one with the bird on the front. That paint stain didnt get there by itself. And the homework that was being counted as a test for 40% of your grade that you thought you didnt lose it. You dont need to keep looking for it either, its gone.


Mr.B said...

when I re-read this, I just wondered--what is the chemistry of revenge--I mean, what makes up the emotions and feelings of wanting/doing/appreciating revenge?

You've done a great job putting thoughts and feelings into words--this is not a task that is easy to do. nice work.

lahana said...

Wow, my friend, you are no joke.

I'm glad you're not advocating for violence, though. Too much sadness and despair has resulted from these psychos who sought revenge for little slights. Little slights that they played over and over in their heads 'til they became monstrously big ones.

Vowing revenge and committing it
(non-violently) has its pleasures. That said, it requires a serious amount of mental energy to harbor resentment.