Monday, March 30, 2009

(Weekly Update?

So Ive been doing bad with this daily journal thing. I havent written on here for a week already but I know you guys will forgive me, right?? *Yes* YAY! I got a acoustic guitar yesterday and...well, Im not very good yet. I was gonna get an electric one but I didnt feel like getting the amplipher so....yeah. Thats the most exciting so far and I got accepted into Bard High School Early College. Ive been wanting to go there since I was like 5. It just looked like somewhere where smart people go so I wanted to go there because....I wanted to be smart. Nothings wrong with wanting to be smart right? Ah, I didnt really think so^_^


gabriel said...

a lot of people think smart people are annoying

>>>>>>>KMangin188<<<<< said...

you didn't say signing off