Friday, March 6, 2009

Space-Invaders! AH!

Well I founds me another movie like the text monster video I was telling you guys about in my last post and this one was about this boy who has this girl he's been going out for awhile and he was on her "Myspace" page the other day and saw a pretty flirty comment from this other guy and got suspicious. I said he should have broke into her account while she was away and looked at her messages. Yeah, yeah. He should have just talked to her but I dont know, I get nosy when I get jealous but anyway, he did it and got caught and that was just sad. He could have found a better way to break in than doing it at while he was at her house. Of course youre gonna get caught. I hate when people do things like that but are stupid when theyre doing it. If youre gonna be sneaky you have to be clever. You cant be an idiot and you have to know how to stay alert and listen for footsteps and stuff. If you cant do those things...then well, you should just be upfront and ask whats going on...even though I dont really approve of that because then the person you asked kinda realizes that youre watching so then theyre more aware and are more careful with their "cheating". Like even if theyre not cheating, theyre probaby not being fully honest with you because they dont think that you care because you havent really shown any sign that youre watching them or have any idea that you know what theyre doing when youre not around. The internet is a funny thing because its almost like this parellel world where youre yourself but you can make yourself into whoever you want to be and do pretty much whatever you want. Its alot easier to get caught doing something wrong on the internet because of all that data collecting technology there is now. Even simple technology like history and the cache, even if you delete them theyre still there and if you get caught by the feds doing something illegal ten years from and they want to pull up your old files they an do that and...well, thats why you have to watch what you do on the internet especially if you have an overproective overcurious space-invading boyfriend~