Monday, January 12, 2009

Exploiting Your Own Kids...Wow

I was watchin this video on YouTube today and there were these two little girls dancing together. I usually look at the comments before I watch any video (I hate when they have those scary faces pop up on the screen so I check for spoilers) and I saw some people callin the little girls sluts and the parents ignorant. Now Im thinking, why is everybody being so mean? All I see are two little girl dancing. I scroll back up to the video and one girl is bent over in front of the other one dancing like they do in many clubs. Thats when I realize what the people are saying. So I look at more of the comments just to see what other people think. Then I hear through the music "Go head Nana kiss her." I had no idea what was going on but when I looked back at the video these two women were tryna get the girls to kiss. Seriously now, the kids are around 7 and 8 years old and theyre doing this. First I thought maybe theyre just tryna keep them from gettin twisted up into some kind of homophobia or something but thats so not the way to do it. I agree with everyone in the comments who called the parents or whoever was ignorant. Theyre sitting there exploiting their children not even realizing or just not caring the amount of creeps on there tryna get away at some kiddie p**n and its just really sad. Theyres PERVS just being so fueled and amused by this that it really is sick. If those poor kids arent taught better from now, the hell that theyre gonna end up in is gonna just be so hard to get out of and its gonna be the parents fault but you know what its ok because, im not gonna start preaching or anything but in the bible (somewhere, im not really that great on quoting scriptures) it says "God looks out for the fools and the babies" and as far as I know God can't lie so hopefully, those parents get some sense slapped into them soon or by some miracle their kids realize not to listen or follow them in anyway. Many parents these days are exploiting their kids and not even realizing it, its a shame. Then we wonder how they end up getting pregnant and die of STDS or get kicked out of every school and become a drop out. Follow the bread crumbs that lead to the parents. It always leads right back...


lahana said...

I think your moral compass is right on with this one-- sounds like "cuteness" took a sleazy turn to "exploitative". Maybe you should flag this video to youtube?