Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Girl In The Water

Well its 3:44 in the morning. I was sleeping but I had the strangest dream and they usually say to write down your dreams so here I am, typing my dream.

-There was a little girl crying in the corner. I couldn't see her face because her hair was in the way. Her hair was oddly dark, it looked dark and wet like she was swimming or something. I was walking towards her to see if she was ok (stupid, i know). I was about 2 feet away from her when she looked up at me. Her skin was dark and her eyes we're bright gold and wide. Eerily beautiful. She told me "I told him not to do it. I told him but he did it and then they hurt him." I guess my subcouncious self was scared because I ran. I ended up on this sidewalk. I looked up and realized I was near the school (188). I looked towards the street and saw one of my friends Anthony riding on a bike. His hair was black and choppy, convering his face. He had one arm on the handles but the other, the other arm wasnt their. I pulled a bike out of my pocket (?) and rode after him. He looked so sad. I asked him what happened and he said "They wouldnt leave me alone. I didnt know. I threw the bag of bees at them but then one of the wasp flew up my nose and thats why I dont have my other arm. Im allergic to bees." (Sad story I know) I jumped off my bike and landed in the ocean. I swam to the edge and saw the girl from before. This time her eyes were red. Red and scary but still strangely beautifully. She said out loud but to know one in particular "This is the last time. I tried to warn you to stay away." Ghost appeared behind her. All their faces were blurry. They came straight towards me. One of them put his hand over my eyes and pushed me deep into the water.

Thats when I woke up. Im thinking about writing that down as a story. Yup, so Im gonna go back to bed now. I just might try to interpret this dream later on when I a little more awake.


lahana said...
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lahana said...

This dream is rich with meaning. Sometimes there's so much going on that it's intimidating to start interpreting it. But let's dive in.

The dream dictionary (dd) says that swimming means diving deep into emotions. It can be a scary and beautiful thing to do this...kind of like how you felt about this girl.

According the dd a missing arm symbolizes helplessness. You saw Anthony was sad and victimized and rode after him to help. Question: in real life do you seek to help Anthony or someone like him? Maybe you feel scared to dive into the emotion involved in helping someone like this...

The dd says being stung by a bee means you've been wronged. Wasps symbolize angry thoughts and feelings. Anthony tries to defend himself, but ends up being stung by his own anger.

Again, you see the girl who has dove into emotion and has red (from crying?) eyes from having dove into emotion. Her eyes are still beautiful, though.

The ghosts come at you and cover your eyes. You go underwater with your eyes closed. Perhaps that means you are not ready yet to fully submerge yourself in someone like Anthony's problems. Alternatively, maybe you're just closing your eyes and going for it!

Obviously, this is a Mr. Lahana interpretation...take what you think makes sense and throw out the rest...

Anonymous said...

odd question. Is this girl look like she should be 8, tallish, skinny, I know you said the hair was dark but was it dark like black? or very dark brown? and did it go down to her waist? Sorry for the questions but I've been seeing her in dreams and I talked to a person who's seen her to. We all had an odd compulsion to help her with whatever was wrong. I want to figure out why she keeps poping up in peoples dreams and if there is an actual answer. please answer at Again sorry, but she is confusing my mind and I need to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

i don't know if you are still active on this blog or not , but i've had similar dreams , i don't know if you are familiar with the goddess oshun (african mythology) search her and you will find some meaning . however this goddess is no where near dark , so the part where ghost coming and stuff like that seems odd . but oshun is the goddess of love , sweetness , materinity , womenhood , and her kingdom is in the river :) she is the essence of the river and of HONEY (bees) anything gold or yellow is refering to her and the way you discribed this little girl seems oddly familiar to how she is described .