Monday, November 10, 2008

You Cant Say Oops After Getting Pregnant~

No one is “pro-abortion,” but people do consider themselves either pro-choice or pro-life. One side believes that when a woman becomes pregnant, it’s her right to decide if having an abortion is an option for her. The other side believes the action is clear, she should give birth to a child. No matter which side you stand on, the discovery of an unplanned pregnancy is a life-altering event. When two of my older cousins best friends became pregnant at the same time, their decisions changed their lives forever. (I did not recieve all the information I'm gonna tell you now from eavesdropping. Faith and Mia are acutally my friends too and they didnt mind me sharing this information with you now, so...yeah. Continue reading.)
Faith was on birth control when she discovered that she was pregnant. Although she had been dating her boyfriend for close to two years, being only 19 years-old, she wasn’t sure she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, let alone have a child with him. “I just started college, I’m just starting my life,” she sobbed over the phone to me, well to my cousin “I can’t even afford my phone bills each month, how am I supposed to afford a child?” Faith came to the conclusion that having a child at this stage in her life wasn’t right for her. A year later her relationship fizzled, and she moved out-of-state to attend grad school. While none of us ever speak of the abortion, Faith has since expressed joy about the freedom her life allows her, being able to create something of herself before she creates new life.
Mia and Seth had been dating for close to five years when, just two weeks shy of her24th birthday, Mia found out she was pregnant. “I know that I want him to be the father of my child,” she confided in me, again, to my cousin really “but I don’t know that we’re ready for children. We’re still so young!” Although Mia was scared to tell Seth that she was pregnant, to her surprise he wasn’t upset. Both of them agreed that raising a child at their age, and on their limited income, would be a challenge, but that it was one they were ultimately excited about. They’re currently struggling to make ends meet, but both have expressed that they couldn’t be happier. Next month is their son’s second birthday.
Neither one of these girls (woman, ladies) regret their decision. Both feel that their choice has helped shape their life for the better. It’s a choice that three million women make each year, resulting in different decisions. While it’s not for me to say who’s right or who’s wrong, I’m just gonna say that I believe everyone should have a right in what they do BUT again if you dont want to have children, you know what you have to do to prevent that. Its like if you dont want something warmed dont put it in the microwave. Its just that simple. People these days are really acting like they have no common sense whatsoever and the result of their not-so-smart decisions are affecting everyone. C'mon people, think before you do. Watch what you say, be careful what you wish for and you only reep what you sow. (YES, I did just put a whole bunch of sayings together but they all make sense and everyone should at least try to listen to them)
That was a very random and out of no where post but its interesting isnt it?